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Dear Sarah featuring The Flag of Our Fathers, Safe in the Harbour, There's a Story Told (New in 2005) A Christmas Postcard These four can be heard and are available at They can be purchased and/or downloaded. A New Dawn Forever is available at Buy CDs at CD Baby You can listen before you buy - just like the old time music stores Also available through me: 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, VA 24382
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Gift or Souvenir Items with the Bob Johnson sketch of Frank "It's Time for a Toast" logo; Slow, Shaky, Deaf, Semi-Old Farts Bn Logo; Devil Dog Records Logo. Gifts and Sundries at Cafe Press

Wythe County Virginia During the War Between the States, Walking Tour of Historic Wytheville, Virginia

Book about the U.S. Civil War in Wythe County Virginia Audio walking tour of historic Wytheville, written and narrated by Frank Emerson Museum Gift Shop in Wytheville, Virginia All sorts of gifts and educational material pertaining to Wythe County, Virginia

Kevin Barry's: The First 25 years

35 cuts of nearly everyone who has appeared at Kevin Barry's since 1980 - Danny Doyle, Brendan Nolan, Joanie Madden, Morris Minor, Morning Star, Peter Yeates, Danny Quinn, The Dady Brothers, J.J. Smith, Eddie Ivie, Dennis O'Rourke, Vic Power, Terra Nova, Pat Garvey, Tom O'Carroll, Seamus Kennedy, Kristina Beaty, Cahir O'Doherty, Tom & Maura Healy, Frank Emerson, Harry O'Donoghue, Gabriel Donohue, Carroll Brown, Fran Doyle, Oonagh Heaney, Brendan's Voyage Buy this CD by mail or phone or e-mail Call 912-233-9626 to order or for information. Write Kevin Barry's Pub 117 W. River Street, Savannah, GA 31401 E-Mail:

CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET And Other Tales From the Irish MusicTrenches

New Anthology of True Stories from the Irish Music Circuit Five musicians share their memories of over 30 years on the road. (September – Wytheville, VA) CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET And Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches is a collaborative effort between five professional traveling Irish singer/songwriters. Digging into their bags of memories, the fellows have come up with over 70 stories that make for some thoroughly enjoyable reading. The anthology is the brain child of Dennis O'Rourke, one of the authors, who also acted as in-house editor of the project. He, together with Robbie O'Connell, Frank Emerson, Harry O'Donoghue and Seamus Kennedy, has put together a group of stories that are just as unique as the five-way partnership. There have been memoirs of musicians before. However, there has never been anything quite like this. Engaging, revealing and intimate, you'll feel as if the fellows are talking right to you. Stories you want? Stories you get. And the best part is that they're true! Written in the unique style of each musician, this is a book of personal experience -short, often humorous stories about that life; the bars and the club owners; the audiences and the occasional brawl; the hotels, the oddball characters met along the way; the guitars, the women and the music. In effect, the reader would be eavesdropping on a group of entertainers sharing road stories backstage. These are the types of stories that musicians tell to each other when their paths infrequently cross. It is a rare thing to get a group of players together to put out a piece of work such as this. The painstaking process of writing and assembling took five years, as they made time to jot their stories down, flesh them out, edit and re-edit and finally come up with a finished product. Providing a further look into what makes these performers tick, scattered throughout the book are insightful interviews with each author. You'll find out exactly what's boiling with Clean Cabbage in the Bucket, who exactly is Charles Beauregard Finnegan. You'll see how to come clean in The Soap Creek Saloon, nearly get blown away by The Tornado, and get a little Bawdy in New Hampshire. It has been said that the Irish/American pub scene is the last vestige of Vaudeville. It stands to reason that these Irish-American performers are the last of the Vaudevillians. They know that the show must go on. They love what they do for a living and are thankful to be able to do it. This shows in their writing. There is a pride and a gratitude that shines through - even in the hard times. That these fellows have survived over thirty years, and succeeded, in what is a rough and tumble business is to their credit. That they are willing to share a good number of their best reminiscences - touching, funny sad and everything in between – is a rare find. Scheduled to be released by around Thanksgiving, in time for the Christmas shopping season, CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET And Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches is now in the final stages of production. It will be available where the fellows play, over the Internet, as well as in selected bookstores. $21.95 plus $3.05 p & h Frank Emerson 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, VA 24382 Or Press the Secure PayPal Button Below _




TONY’S GUITAR Tony O'Riordan is a great pal from Dublin. He's tall, maybe six feet two or so. Big culchie hands. A nose, as he used to say, like Murray the Cop from The Odd Couple television program. A great smile. An infectious laugh. He’s a very talented performer and a multi-instrumentalist. On stage, he doesn't so much hold his instrument as he appears to surround it. We performed together for five or six years as Ourselves Alone. One night - I think it was in '77 (Nineteen 77 that is) – we’re working in a nice place in White Oak, Maryland outside DC called The Irish Inn. The joint is crowded. We're having a good night. We manage to play through the dinner hours without putting anyone off their feed and now it's about 10 or 11 o'clock and it's going well. A citizen comes up to the stage and asks if we'd let his cousin sing a number. Never ones to buy a pig in a poke, we ask who the cousin is. Point him out. The guy says, "Not him. Her. That's her over there, with the black hair." He points. "She was first runner-up for Miss Hawaii last year," he says. We look and then double take. I say, "I think that would be alright." Tony nods real slow like. We get the girl's name, make the introduction and both of us extend a hand to help her on to the stage. She gives her hand to me. It's nice. Wow. That's what everybody says, just like that, "Wow." Eat your heart out, O'Riordan, I'm thinking. She says that she won't be needing our help, that she'd like to play guitar herself, if we didn't mind, and could she borrow one of ours, please. Tony's guitar is off him like he'd greased the strap. He hands it to her. She smiles, drops my hand and takes the instrument. We offer her a bar stool to make her more comfortable. She cuddles on to it real nice. She waits as we adjust the microphone height. (I think maybe we took longer to do this than was really necessary). It's all set now. We exit the stage. She smiles and kind of hunches the guitar underneath her McGuffies. She starts to play and sing. What she sang, who remembers? Bum notes? Who cares? She was superb. She finishes her tune. Lots of applause. Before I can say thanks and let's put your hands together for...Tony starts shouting, "More! More!" and the audience takes up the chant. It's a friggin’ pep rally. She complies and follows that one up with a third. Finally, she's had her fill. She says thanks and begs off to even greater applause, especially from us. We remount the stage. Tony is very quiet. She returns his guitar and goes back to her table. I re-sling my guitar and glance at Tony to get the OK to start into the next number. Tony is standing stock still, holding his guitar and staring at it, pretty much at the spot where the girl had parked her pontoons. I ask if he's OK. He looks at me. Then at his guitar. He does this again. The crowd is mum. They are watching us. Tony is oblivious to them. He looks at me one more time. He's real serious. His microphone is live. His eyes well up a bit and he asks me, “You know what?” "What?” says I. “I’m never going to wash this guitar again. Ever!" And I know for a fact, he never did. FRANK EMERSON Buy this through me $21.95 & $2.05 s & h 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, VA 24382

Omaha Beach and Beyond: The Long March of Sergeant Bob Slaughter

Bob Slaughter's personal account of his involvment in World War II: Preparations for D-Day, the 29th Rangers, landing at Omaha Beach with the 29th Division, the fights through the hedgerows, St. Lo and more. Buy this Book at

A New Dawn Forever - 6 June 1944

This recording features Ike's address to the AEF on the evening of D-Day as well as the song co-written by Frank and SSgt Bob Slaughter, D Co, 116th Infantry, 29th Division , who landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day. Also included are For the Fallen and The Minstrel Boy. Buy this CD at the National D-Day Memorial Foundation Located in Bedford, VA, the foundation is a thank-you to those brave men who landed at Normandy and beyond on June 6, 1944, D- Day.

REVIEWS for "Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales from the Irish Music Trenches"

Just received these TWO reviews for Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches from Writer's Digest, one of the foremost trade magazines in the writing world. "Clean Cabbage in the Bucket is an uproarious romp through the pubs of America. The stories collected in this anthology range from hilarious to heartwarming and even disconcerting at times. At times the reader can almost hear the sweet notes or an Irish brogue wafting off the page. Most of the time, however, the reader will be in stitches from giggling so hard. The picture section is fantastic. this is a great behind-the-scenes book that demands the reader grab a pint of Guinness or a snifter of Jameson and sit back for a great ride." "What I liked best about this book was the rollicking humor and sense of plain old fun. You can tell that each author absolutely delights in telling a story. There's a real sense of joie de vivre in this book that's impossible to resist. One wants to gather the authors around, kick back with a pint, and just listen to them go. This is a book that, for what it is, can't be much improved upon. In other words, its literary "flaws" are part of its charm." Here's what some Reviewers Had to say About Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches "Expert Storytellers! The great yarns come one after another! Just try reading one story and putting the book down. It's impossible!" - Mike Farragher /The Celtic Lounge & - The Irish Voice "Funny, Poignant, Shocking, Memorable, Illuminating, Insightful…a Very Compelling Read and a Top Shelf Selection!" -John O'Brien, Jr./ The Ohio Irish American News "Great untold stories of the men behind the mike, perfect for dipping into and eclectic in its styles. Damon Runyon meets Frank O'Connor, with a dash of Brendan Behan thrown in for very good measure. I loved it!" - Irish Writer/Performer/Teacher Declan Forde "It's a great read and had me in stitches…belly laughs…well worth it!" - Columnist Shay Clarke/"Raised on Songs & Stories" "I enjoyed the bewk very much! Great stories and all around well-told, but then why wouldn't it be? Ye're all great story tellers! -Danny Doyle/ Ireland's Leading Balladeer "Got a copy of the book a while back…Still enjoying it…Glad to know the road hasn't changed…HA! HA!" - Pete St.John /Multi-Time Ireland's Songwriter of the Year The Rare Ould Times, Fields of Athenry, etc. "Clean Cabbage was really an enjoyment. I know anyone who reads it will feel the same way." - Slim Andrews/ Maine Country Music Hall of Fame "I'm half way through and I'm laughing out loud! These things must be true – you couldn't make them up!" - Frank Collopy, New Hampshire Snow Bird BUY IT NOW VIA CREDIT CARD/ PAY PAL - - Back Up the Page!! _

Clean Cabbage in the Bucket

I just heard from Dennis O'Rourke. He let me know that our book, written by Dennis, Harry O'Donoghue, Robbie O'Connell, Seamus Kennedy and me ,"Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches", is now available through on Kindle. Below is the link to get you directly to the site.;-keywords=clean+cabbage+in+the+bucket&x=13&y=18 You can find out all the information about how to go about downloading a copy of the book via Kindle - and for that matter, exactly what Kindle is all about. The bottom line is that a copy of the entire book only costs $7.99! You can also buy physical copies of the book itself at drastically reduced prices!

Wythe Bane Graham 8th VA Cav, CSA

New Book What might be of interest to those of you concerned with the War Between the States, is the fact that I’ve just had a book published dealing with the experiences of one soldier from Wythe County, Virginia. It’s titled, Wythe Bane Graham, 8th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A.: Letters and Narrative of a Son of the Old Dominion. At just under 60 pages, it’s a compendium of letters written to, from and about the man in question from when he was a school boy in ante bellum days up to and through his death, in 1912. In addition to the letters, I’ve written a narrative that can help explain some of the references made in the letters and place them in historical context. Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction: The American Civil War was a huge operation. Until 1863, the purchase of substitutes to take one’s place in conscription into the armed forces was practiced by both sides. At that point, the Confederacy abandoned the practice. They needed everyone. The involvement of the South was pretty much total. Today, every family native to Virginia has a direct connection to the War Between the States. The “Mother of Presidents” was the prime battleground for the war. The number of confrontations that took place in Virginia far exceeds that of any other state. In Civil War Virginia: Battleground for a Nation, James I. Robertson, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech, states that over a half-million men were killed, wounded or captured in Virginia during the four-year conflict. Confederate losses were nearly three times those of the Union. Again according to Professor Robertson, in today’s numbers, the depletion of the total population would be upwards of fifteen million Though no longer in the first person, memories of the war are very much alive in the Old Dominion State. Photographs, papers and artifacts are kept as treasures in museums and individual family archives. Stories too are passed down through the generations by way of oral histories. While fascinating and revealing, oral histories can be of questionable historic accuracy. A more reliable source of information might be the letters exchanged between soldiers and their families. Instead of a grand, panoramic history, these provide personal glimpses of individuals directly involved with events and their feelings about them, as they transpired. Through the efforts and courtesy of the Watson/Graham family of Wythe County, Virginia, and Mrs. Kathleen Kelly Coxe Koomen of Roanoke, Virginia, the Wytheville Department of Museums and the Wythe County Historical Society came into possession of the extant letters to, from and concerning Wythe Bane Graham. Mr. Graham was a citizen of Wythe County, Virginia, who enlisted in the Confederate States Army in 1861 and served throughout the war. I was able to access these documents through the courtesy and with the permission of the Wythe County Historical Society. Many details of the life of Wythe Graham were extracted from a biographical sketch, which ran in Confederate Veteran, Volume XX, October, 1912. It was written by Judge Joseph L. Kelly of Bristol, Virginia, former Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court. In addition to the letters, which date from pre-war into the twentieth century, I’ve provided a narrative that might explain some of the references made in the letters and place them in the context of the times. The book is available by mail for $12.50, which includes postage and handling. Frank Emerson 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, Virginia 24382 It’s also available at the Wytheville Department of Museums Gift Shop, which is located in the Wytheville Regional Visitor’s Center, 975 Tazewell Street, Wytheville, Virginia. In addition, I’ll have copies with me at my gigs. Wytheville Museums