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Well, we had quite a time for ourselves at the first annual concert to benefit the Eddie Ivie Scholarship of Studies in Ireland through Center for Irish Studies at Georgia Southern University. The show was held on the 26th of September in the beautiful Emma Kelly Theater at the Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro, Georgia. Just in case you aren't aware of the nature of this scholarship - it is to be established and awarded in perpetuity to a deserving student at Georgia Southern who wishes to pursue some aspect of Irish studies for a semester at university in Ireland. The scholarship is, of course, named for the late Eddie Ivie, noted musician, actor, restauranteur, and student of Irish culture, who was also the son of Cheri and Vic Power. If anyone would like to make a donation at any time to the scholarship fund, you can make out a cheque to The Eddie Ivie Scholarship for Studies in Ireland (On the back of the check write "for deposit to Account #3604". This is done to assure you that every red cent goes to the program.) Mail it to The Center for Irish Studies, Georgia Southern University, P.O. Box 8023, Statesboro, Georgia 30460 ATTN: Dr. Howard Keeley. The line-up at the show was geared for fun. Headlining was Ireland's balladeer, Danny Doyle, who shone as bright as ever. Kristina Beatty, she of the great looks and even greater voice, held forth for a couple of signature numbers accompanied by Johnnie Kennedy and Carroll Brown. The wonderful Savannah Irish Dancers graced the stage with their beauty and marvelous talent as well. A second year student of voice at Georgia Southern, Jonathan Murphy, gave the audience a treat with his soaring Irish tenor renditions of My Wild Irish Rose and the anthem, Danny Boy. Butch Elmgren gave a stirring recitation of the Patrick Kavanagh poem Pegasus, which was one of Eddie's favorites. Harry O'Donoghue hosted the evening. I joined him and Carroll and Johnnie for six or seven numbers, which we had a lot of fun with. The affair was catered with soda pop, beer, wine and finger food by Kevin Barry's Pub. As a matter of fact, Kevin Barry's was offering a great deal to make an entire evening out of it for $50 a head. What you got was a heavy buffet at Kevin Barry's prior to the show, with cash bar, motor coach transport to Statesboro and back to Savannah with beer, wine and soft drinks provided on the coach, admission to the concert, greenroom privileges at the show, and a nightcap at Kevin Barry's afterward. Not a bad deal at all - and safe to boot. With luck, and maybe even a little divinity, we can do it again next year. At the moment, I'm trying to beautify myself because I'll be heading to Savannah to Kevin Barry's on this Sunday and Monday, 8-9 October. I have to attend a photo shoot - don't that sound uptown - for the back cover of the forthcoming CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET And Other Tales from the Musical Trenches. Harry O'Donoghue, Robbie O'Connell, Seamus Kennedy, Dennis O'Rourke, and myself will be vying for the title of "Grayest Old Bastard in a Black and White Photo". The winner gets his Geritol paid for for both evenings, but has to spring for his own Serutan. Drop by, if you're in the neighborhood. Harry is on stage on Sunday and our pal J.J. Smith is under the lights on Monday. This is the final stage before the book goes into production. We're hoping to have it out by Thanksgiving and at least before Christmas. Not sure how these publishing houses go, but, from all reports, the folks we are dealing with turn out a lovely product. If you'd like to order a copy, at the pre-publication price, postage paid, send me a cheque for $20 and I'll autograph a copy and send along just as soon as I get it, hot off the presses. I guess that's about it for now. Just reminding you that you can get copies of my recordings at www.frankemerson.com along with various souvenirs, keepsakes, whatnots, and sundries in the products section of the site.

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