Update - August 2016

Hello All Y’all – Just trying to assimilate and be all inclusive in a folksy way. Of course that salutation would change when appearing up Nawth. Trust everyone’s summer is nice and balmy. I’ll be back at Kevin Barry’s, 117 W. River Street n Savannah, GA for the week of 15-21 August. As always, the shows start at 8:00 PM Monday - Saturday. On Sunday I’ll go on after the session. That usually turns out to be about 8:45-ish. The session, which is anchored by the Savannah Ceilidh Group, is an open one, which means everyone is welcome to come and participate or just listen and have a nice cocktail and good grub. It generally gets going at about 6:30 PM and goes on for a couple of hours or so. What with it being the summer and holiday season, the session doesn’t always take place, so you might want to phone first. (912-233-9626). If the session doesn’t materialize, I’ll go on at 8:00. Oh, announcing a new book: “Night Drive: Travels with My Brother” . This is by Garnet Rogers, brother and band-mate of the late and sorely missed Stan Rogers. To quote from the back cover it’s about: …”nearly every stupid, inexplicable and bizarre thing that could happen to a pair of young idiots who were naive enough to think they could play folk music for a living back in the mid 70’s and early 80’s” It’s 735 ( yes that’s right: 735) pages long and is available through Garnet’s website: www.garnetrogers.com I’m about 260 pages into it as I write this (9 August) It’s rollicking and eye-opening and fun…oh and well-written too. I guess that’s about it for now. I hope you can join me this coming week for a few songs and stories and laughs and songs and cocktails. God bless, Frank

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