Update and Appeal

Just a couple of things and then an appeal, of sorts. I just got back from playing the Topsfield Fair in the town in Massachusetts of the same name - convenient. It was a great time! This is the oldest Agricultural Fair in the United States - started in 1818. They've got it down pat. Like they used to say in the carnivals, 'There's a thrill a minute!' Tons of stuff to see and do. A great time for music and crafts and all sorts of food and of course flora and fauna....Lots and Lots and Lots of fauna! The weather cooperated and whereas Topsfield is located on the North Shore - north of Boston and toward New Hampshire, the countryside was awash with color! I was thrilled to be asked to perform there this year and with luck, I'll have a chance to repeat the experience in 2008. Now, talking about thrills...We've just received our first reviews of the book, Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales from the Irish Music Trenches. I've included them here as attachments. One is by Michael Farragher of the Celtic Lounge and The Irish Voice. The other is by John O'Brien, Jr of The Ohio Irish American News. I've got to tell you, both reviews are excellent! We couldn't be happier - well I guess we could be happier....if we sold like a gazillion copies. We've sent off copies to the Irish Echo and the Chicago Irish American News to see what they think of the book. I'll let you know when those and any other reviews come in. In the mean time, now is not a bad time to buy a copy of the book just go to my website, www.frankemerson.com, and click on the products link. Or you can click here, and it will take you to the same place. Scroll down past the press release of the book and you'll see Pay Pal Buttons and Buy it now buttons that will allow you to pay by credit card or paypal. Click on it and follow the instructions and I'll send you a copy of the book right away. Let me know if you'd like it autographed. Happy to do it. These books will make terrific Christmas presents or birthday presents or Arbor Day presents etc... you get the idea. Also, I should mention that I of course have CDs available. Again click on www.frankemerson.com and you'll see an order form right below my picture. If you click on the music link, you'll be able to hear lots of cuts from the albums. I'm off to Savannah on Monday for a week's stay at Kevin Barry's and hope to see a lot of old friends there and of course, maybe make some new ones. Speaking of old friends, this is where the appeal of sorts comes in. There is an old pal of mine in a bit of a bind at the moment. He's an army vet and recently had a cancer diagnosis handed to him. The prognosis is pretty good, but as you know, these things are dicey. He goes under the knife a little later this month and then they hit him with a barrage of chemotherapy. I know from experience that it's best to bring a howitzer to this gun fight, so I'm asking that you all send up some good, positive prayers and thoughts for this fellow. I hesitate to use his name or mention the type of cancer that has attacked because at this point privacy is a bit important. I'm afraid he won't be getting a whole lot of that in the days to come, so we can give him some now. It's OK though. Take my word for it. The positive thoughts and prayers will definitely get to where they are supposed to go - to him and his family members and primary care giver. Anyway, thanks for your help on this. I guess I'll close now. As usual, I'll ask you to join me in keeping a good thought and prayer for all those who are in the arena. Drop a line if you feel like it. Best for now in an autumnal state of mind,

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