Well I've just about gotten my land legs back again after having been awash in the camaeraderie and fellowship that existed down by the river in Savannah over Paddy's week. There was really no accurate way to tell if the number of people attending the festivities this year was lesser or greater that in years past. I know that there was a slew of them. Suffice it to say that along River Street - where a lot of the crowd comes after Mass and the parade - it was a target rich environment for the birds. From above, you could not see the street for the people. And of course, everyone was pleasant and friendly and nobody got sick and it was hardly loud at all . This is compared to oh, say D-Day. Seriously, from what I heard, it was a pretty well behaved bunch this year. Good on 'em. Indoors at Kevin Barry's (www.kevinbarrys.com), we still had the best and the safest oasis in town. It was great to see a lot of old friends from the military, and the police and fire departments - God bless them all - from all over the country. Although Harry O'Donoghue (www.columbineblue.com/harry.html) and Carroll Brown (www.carrollbrownmusic.com) and myself held forth round robin on two stages continuously for hours on end, we did manage to get together twice a night on the downstairs stage fro some trio work. We always enjoy this and the crowd seems to enjoy it almost as much as we do. We also had a fair number of guest performers who were big hits with the audience as well. A special treat this year was the presence of the historic training barque, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter 'Eagle', known as "America's Tall Ship" which was tied up about 100 feet from the front door of the pub. All in all, St Patrick's Day 2006in Savannah was a great craic. In fact, nearly everybody - myself included - ended up with the same number of eyes, ears and teeth that we started out with, so we can count this one as a general success. This week, I'm off to haunt one of my old haunts: The Shannon Pub (www.shannonpub.com) up there near Niagara Falls. On Wednsday I'll be following Joe Head and on Thursday, I'll be following Tom Callahan. Both these fellows start at 6 PM. I hope the weather will be a little cooler up there what with nasty old Spring threatening us with warmth further down South here. It will be good to see some folks I haven't sen in a while. I'm looking forward to sharing a few songs, a few laughs and maybe a few tears - and not just because of the bum notes, either. But speaking of H2O, I'm proud to announce that my little town of Wytheville, Virginia was voted as having the best tasting water in the United States by the National Rural Water Association in Washington, DC. I'm here to tell you that their judgement is absolutely correct. The water in Wytheville tastes great on all occasions. Even if in a moment of weakness you happen to add it to about 2 fingers of Jameson, I can truthfully attest that Wytheville water will damage the Jameson far less than any other water in the lower 48. That's about it for now.

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