Update 6 October

Just a quick couple of things. First of all: Congratulations to Kevin Barry's Pub for generously sponsoring the first SFC Lance Vogeler Memorial Golf Tournament last Monday to benefit the 1st Ranger BN Sua Sponte Foundation. Second: I'll be appearing at Kevin Barry's next week 10-16 October 8 PM start - except for Sunday at which time I go on after the session, whcih lasts from about 6:30-8:30 or so) In preparation for opening on Columbus Day, I'm trying to brush up on any Italian songs I may have learned over the years. I may have to deliver them in the broken-Italian I picked up from Kevin Kline in "A Fish Called Wanda", so that'll be different, but then again not so different from the broken-English I usually speak. In the mean time, I'm working on the correct pronunciation of "Fugg-ed-aboudid", which I plan to throw in everywhere I can. Anyway, hope to see you there. Drop a note and keep your powder dry. Frank

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