Hello Everybody - Just a few announcements and the like in this quick update and then I'll let you go. I've been getting a fair number of hits at my website: www.frankemerson.com , averaging in the 50,000 per month range. I know that isn't a lot compared to Britney Spears, but for an old guy, it ain't too shabby. Lots of news and information, my performance calendar, reviews, biography, photographs, a guestbook, various links as well as opportunities to hear cuts from the recordings, buy the recordings themselves by way of charge card, have a look at various gift items, with the possibility of purchase, or of course the non fiction anthology, Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches (which can also be purchased by way of credit card). I've recently been informed that you can purchase Clean Cabbage on line at Borders as well as Barnes and Noble. People in the Czech Republic can get it at BookFayre. It has also recently come to my attention that Firestone Vineyards has recently made available to the public a new wine called "Jarhead Red" www.jarheadred.com. It is a Cabernet Sauvignon with a splash of Merlot which was developed for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Los Angeles in 1999. It was such a hit that it made it to other 11 November celebrations throughout the Corps. Now it's available to everyone. The interesting and nicest thing about the wine is that the net profit from each bottle goes to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. This provides academic financial aid to children of fallen marines and Navy Corpsmen. A little bit of exciting news: I was recently contacted by Charlie McKenna, the executive director of the Irish Cultural Center of Long Island. He invited me to perform at the Long Island Irish Festival, www.liirishfest.com. I accepted. It's the largest festival on the east coast and will be held on 18, 19, 20 July at Abbess Farms, Calverton, NY. The schedule is up and directions and all sorts of information can be found at the festival website. I guess that's about the lot for now. Let me remind you one more time about the Cell Phones For Soldiers program. www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com. It's certainly worth a look. I've also been asked to remind those of you who send care packages over there, the troops can't do with enough fly strips. So long for now. Drop a line when you feel like it. Leave a note in the guestbook, if you'd like. Take care, Frank P.S. Got a note from my old pal Mike Chaney, former Ranger, former SF, etc. He sent along this video. Very interesting to understate it. As he put it, "Brace yourself." http://www.warriorsthefilm.com/Movie.html

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