Update 20 SEP 11

Hello everyone - Just a quick note about a couple of things. This coming Friday, 23 SEP there's special event upstairs in the Hall of Heroes at Kevin Barry's Pub in Savannah. Sponsored by Seersucker Live, a non-profit writers organization - they describe themselves as a "Literary Performance" - three Savannah authors will be reading from their works and discussing them - along with trading comments with the audience and sharing a few drinks. You can find out details at Seersucker Live or at this Connect Savannah I'll be appearing at Kevin Barry's for a couple of stints over the next few weeks. The first one is 26 SEP-02 OCT. You might want to note that that's the weekend of Oktoberfest in Savannah, so we'll all be saying things like "Ach der Lieber!" "Wie geht es?" "Ein bier, bitte." " Danke." and "Kamarad!! Nicht shiessen!" Of course we'll have to sing songs like Lili Marlene, The Beer Barrel Polka, Oh Tannenbaum and anything with lots of chhhuuuu sounds like clearing your throat. Of course those might be mistaken for Scottish tunes, but waada-ya-gonnado? The second go round is 10-16 October. Opening on Columbus Day, which is ironic since there'll be a meeting of the "Flat Earth Society" on the second floor for most of the evening. It will be inside and not too close to either the edge of the balcony or the stairwell. In honor of Columbus' Genoese roots, all songs, if not Italian, will be accompanied by numerous hand gestures. In between my weeks and following me directly will be my pal, Carroll Brown. So all of us ferriners and even a Yank or two hope that you can come by and join in fomenting the revolution> Drop a note if you feel like it. I'll be glad to hear from you and have a look at my website. Copies of the records are available there . Copies of the book, "Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales from the Irish Music Trenches" can be ordered through Amazon.com - where it's available on Kindle" or at the Cabbage website Take care for now and God Bless our troops, police, firefighters and first responders.

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