Treats For Troops

Hello All - I just received this from Lisa Kirstein. She and her husband used to come in with thwir son, Anthony, to see me perform at Kevin Barry's in Savannah, while Anthony was stationed at Fort Stewart. At this point in time, Anthony is at "the beach". I think that Lisa's idea is a good one. I also think it is well worth sharing with all of you. I hope you read Lisa's letter and give it some consideration. Thanks and I'll be talking with you soon, Frank What is your typical South Jersey resident doing this weekend? Chauffeuring to soccer or baseball? Lounging by the pool? Getting kids ready to send kids to summer camp? Heading down to the shore? Unless it’s your day to check for snipers. Or save someone from a gaping head wound. Or stand guard in 120 degree heat. Or determine whether the clump of sand you see ahead of you on the road is actually a land mine. Unless it’s your child doing these jobs on the other side of the world! For our family, the “War in Iraq” is Not something on the news. This is our life. We live with this war everyday. Whether it’s counting down the days until we will see our son again...seeing if he put any new pictures of himself on his web page...waiting to get an email from him...or shopping for some special request he made like getting some pencils for Iraqi kids who have no school supplies. And sometimes weeks go by without any word from him at all. That’s the real torture. Our only communication with him has been through email. We’ve only spoken to him one the phone one time (on Thanksgiving) during the last 7 months. I’ve saved some old messages saved on my voicemail from before he left the US, and another when he first arrived in Kuwait. I listen to them almost every day, and play them for his little brothers and sisters, just so we can hear his voice. We feel very isolated here in Voorhees, as it is not a town where many (if any) military families live. I don't know ANYONE in Voorhees with a child in Iraq. Not any of our neighbors or friends or co-workers. Not anyone at my gym (Virtua), not anyone from Voohees Soccer, not anyone at our temple (Beth El), not any one from GVAA Baseball, not anyone at our kids elementary school (Signal Hill), not anyone at Sturbridge Pool or swim team, no one at my daughters gymnastics school, no one. So after 7 months of friends and neighbors and co-workers asking me, “how’s your son? Is there anything we can do?” I decided to start “Treats for the Troops” . We are a non profit mission to collect and ship items to U.S. soldiers who are deployed to Iraq, and living on the more remote patrol operating bases. These soldiers have no store to buy even the simplest of items, like chap stick if they have dried out lips from the blistering sun in the 125 degree heat, or wipes to clean their hands and face since they have limited access to water while out on patrols. We want to do something to let these people know we are thinking about them, and cheer them up a bit. These soldiers are working hard over their, missing their homes and families, and missing the U.S.A. How about we all do a little something for them?? Please help spreading the word about “Treats for the Troops!” Voorhees Police Department is a collection drop off point open 24 hours a day. Monetary donations are great too for covering the cost of shipping , or purchasing larger items we will be sending , like portable fans, dart boards, and horse shoe sets. Checks can be sent to : Treats for the Troops/ 19 simsbury Drive, Voorhees, NJ 08043

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