Septemeber Update -at last

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an announcement such as this. By choice, I’ve been below the radar for a few months. What happened was I had a little bit of a set-to with my left knee. To make a long, boring story shorter and maybe less boring, the Lords of Cartilage, Bones and Giant Cell Tumors apparently learned that I lean toward the right more than somewhat and that I needed some come-uppance. Consequently, I’ve been idle since Memorial Day. Now, thanks to God and the medicos Emory, Ferguson and Savage at Wake Forest, I’m back into what passes for the fray. So they’re the ones to blame - not me: I was just the frog on the table. Anywaaaays…thanks to Kevin Barry’s for their patience, I’m there 14-20 September. As it says in the downloadable and printable (though why anyone would want to do that is beyond me) image, Monday thru Saturday, I start at 2000 hours. Sunday I start whenever the session finishes. The session is open, which means everyone is encouraged bring an instrument, including voice and sit in with the anchor musicians, the Savannah Ceilidh Group. They start in at about 1830 hours and I get going when they call it quits – usually around 2045 hours. So here we go again. Just to toss it out there, I am booking for 2016. Kevin Barry’s has been kind enough to stick with me for another go round, but I have plenty of open dates. Just as a reminder, your can get a lot of the skinny about me and hear a lot of my stuff at Oh not for nothing, but I’ve got another book coming out pretty soon. Last year or so I published Wythe Bane Graham- 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA – Letters and Narrative of a Son of the Old Dominion – obviously letters and explanations about the American Civil War, reflecting the point of view of a participant in the war from ante through post bellum. The new one gets back to the more serious business of professional entertainment - a collection of my stories from Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches. What I’ve done is resection my stories from the anthology, re-edit and re-work them a bit and add a good amount explanatory narrative to come out with a book that’s more personal. It’s called Frank Tells Tales: Recollections, Explanations and Narratives from Years Spent Inflicting His Presence on Innocent, Unsuspecting Audiences. I’m hoping to have it out soon…a few more rigmaroles to go through. You’ll be able to get one for $10 – same price as the Wythe Graham book - I’ll have some where I play and of course I’ll have a few at home. I guess that’s about it. Here’s hoping for everything good to come your way. God bless our troops Frank

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