Pre-Paddy's Update

Hello All There - Trust everyone is doing well and anticipating the oncoming Spring. It's just around the corner. I know because I have my doubts about that whole groundhog bit. I don't think it has any real basis in scientific fact. I could be wrong, but that's nothing I'm not used to. Just ask my wife. A couple of things. 1. Daylight savings time: 8 March this year. I'll probably get up to speed with it a week or six later - like that damned Punxatawney Phil. 2. My friend Danny Costello: of the Washington DC - based band, Shannontide, has just released a new novel: "The Rag Tree". It's doing quite well and is a joy to read. You can find out more information about it at that website or you can write Danny : 3. I heard from my friend Lisa Kirstein, founder of Treats for Troops. I thought I should pass this information on to you. There's going to be a big event at P.J.Whelihan's Pub in Cherry Hill, NJ on 5 April starting at about 1900. Featuring Blackthorn. It's a big concert and more titled "Rock the Troops Benefit for the USO of Southern New Jersey". Lots of information about all the things associated with this honorable undertaking at the USO website. 4. Do to family commitments, I'll be unable to perform at this year's Long Island Irish Festival. last year was a great time and I'm sure this year will be a gas altogether as well. Charlie McKenna and his people pull out all the stops and know how to throw a time. I wish them all the best and hope I can join up with them again down the road. 5. Paddy's Day is lumbering toward us. I'll be in Savannah along with a lot - a lot- of other people - including many many troops who have been busy in recent years. There is all sorts of information at as well as at This Savannah Site. I'll be performing a great deal with Carroll Brown and Harry O'Donoghue at Kevin Barry's Pub. Although the performance times will be kind of funny and very long, here's the way the schedule is: Monday -Tuesday: 9-10: Carroll Wednesday,Thursday, Friday: 11,12,13: Frank Saturday: 14: Carroll & Frank Sunday - Monday: 15, 16: Carroll, Harry & Frank Tuesday: 17: Carroll & Frank 6. The Sunday sessions at Kevin Barry's have been doing well. They start at around 6:30-7:00 and go til about 8:45 on Sundays. All players are invited. It's chaired by the Savannah Ceilidh Band. Sessions will be on hiatus, I understand, on 15 March. 7. On 21 March, I'll be performing in concert with Fire in the Kitchen at the Pulaski Theare. Fire in the Kitchen is a quartet which specializes in Appalachian and Celtic Music, and then, well - you're familiar with what I do. Some call it confused. I prefer to think of it as eclectic. I actually got reviewed as that once. I'm still waiting to be called 'olio'. There's all sorts of information about the gig at the Pulaski Theatre website, including directions. The theatre is newly renovated and is positively beautiful. It's style is not too busy or anything. It's just right. I guess that's about it for now. That's enough, right? Take care for now and please join me in thanking and keeping our troops in thoughts and prayers. God bless

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