Pre-Paddy's Day Update

I thought I'd drop a note now, while I have the chance, to wish everyone a happy, safe and fun St. Patrick's Day, which is of course in keeping with the nature of St. Patrick himself. Things are prepping as we speak for quite a big time in Savannah this year. If you're thinking of coming by, here are a few websites that can give you the skinny on events surrounding the celebration. Savannah Riverfront Savannah Saint Patrick's Day Parade Committee City of Savannah I'll be appearing at Kevin Barry's Pub 12-18 March. The normal 8 PM starting time will be in effect early in the week. Later on, probably on the 16th, but maybe on the 15th the starting time will be considerably earlier. On the 17th itself, we'll be cranking it up right after the parade. The 18th - otherwise known as "Hard Core-Walking Wounded-Recuperation-Hair-of-the-Dog-Lame Duck Day" I have no idea when we'll be limping on stage. But it'll be sometime. Besides me on the two Keven Barry's stages, will be Carroll Brown, Harry O'Donoghue and Seldom Sober - which is made up of Colleen Scarry Settle and Michael Corbett. It'll be round robin between the two stages and every now and then we'll play together. It's bound to be "brill", as they say. Here's hoping we all have a great time celebrating Ireland and America. Best for now, Frank

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