Pre-Paddy's Day update

Just a couple of quick announcements: Since O'Flaherty's Irish Channel in New Orleans is gone for good, another pub has opened to fill the musical void. Sean Kelly's Pub, although actually operating for a little while now in shakedown cruise mode, will have its grand opening on St.Patrick's Day. The pub is located at 720 St.Louis Street, 1/2 way between Bourbon and Royal Streets in the French Quarter. Kim Dunn is managing the place. Keith Patterson, the longtime barman at O'Flaherty's, will be the main man behind the stick. Beth Patterson ( will be appearing regularly on Monday and Tuesday nights. Rosie and Pat Maloney ( will be appearing regularly Wednesday - Sunday nights. Of course there will be various visiting performers from time to time as well. Rumor has it that Jed Marum ( will turn up some time soon down the road. The phone number at Kellys is: 504-525-1406. Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, beginning next Monday, I'll be holding forth at Kevin Barry's ( for the week. On at least the 16th and 17th I'm pretty sure the 18th, I'll be joining Carroll Brown ( and Harry O'Donoghue ( in a round robin marathon tournament on two stages as well as some trio work. It's always a great time...and Kevin Barry's is always an island of relative sanity in the storm tossed sea of insanity that can sometimes be taking place on along the river. Come on in, but once you get in - stay with us. There is plenty of food and booze and pretty much non-stop Celtic music of all kinds and we try to keep the bathrooms working - which is something to consider. That said, here's wishing you a happy and holy Saint's Day

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