Pre Paddy's Day - 5 March Update

Here we are running up to St. Patrick's Day again. I'll be in Savannah at Kevin Barry's Pub. My schedule is 10-17 March. Carroll Brown will join me from the 13-17. Harry O'Donoghue will chime in with us on the 14th & 15th. We'll be doing round robin - upstairs and downstairs and then finish off Friday and Saturday evenings with a trio ensemble on the downstairs stage. This is always a real gas. I'm looking forward to the festivities this year since they'll probably be lasting for about five days. I know this sounds hard to believe, but this is why it's might be so. Since Easter falls early this year (23 March), the feast of St. Patrick - Paddy's Day - (17 March) is the first day of Holy Week. Therefore, so as to not mess up big time, the parade will be held on Friday, 14 March. Incidentally, this will be the 184th year for Savannah's parade. Of course you have to prepare for these things, so Thursday the 13th evening will be the dress rehearsal. Then comes the parade day on Friday the 14th. Mass at 8:00 AM at the Cathedral of St. Jon the Baptist. The parade will kick off at 10:15 AM Now comes the 15th - a Saturday. As you know, a Saturday can't be just ignored. That would be wrong. So the celebration will continue. Then Sunday the 16th is Palm Sunday. What better way to celebrate than after mass or services, to adjourn to the pub to talk over the weekend's events after a fashion. Monday, being the 17th - THE actual day itself - stalwarts will undoubtedly see fit to acknowledge the date in the appropriate, time honored manner. You can get all sorts of information on St. Patrick's Day Events in Savannah at Savannah Convention and Visitors Bureau or at St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. Questions about accommodations now - or anytime throughout the year - can be directed to River Street Hotels. A couple of F.Y.I.s: 1. For those who'd like to observe the Saint's day in a more liturgical way - now or at anytime during the year - my friends Elizabeth and Vincent Hogan operate The Catholic Shop in the River Street Market Place. This is just opposite The Shrimp Factory, at the other end of River Street from Kevin Barry's. 2. I recently booked a new venue in Ashland, Virginia - just north of Richmond: Sullivan's Irish Pub. It's been a while since I've played near the capital city of the commonwealth. It will be good to be there again. I'm booked 27-29 March, 24-26 April and 8-10 May. 3. I'm honored to have been asked to perform at the National Ranger Battalions Association Reunion in Cleveland, Ohio on 19 September. this is the World War II Army Ranger Reunion. I'm proud to be associated with these fine men who, in my opinion, sacrificed and contributed so very much and in the end accomplished nothing less than to save humanity. We owe them and many others everything. Have a look at their website, there is a lot to be learned. 4. Just a quick reminder that Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches is available at my website. Just scroll down the page and you'll find it. You can even charge it. Same thing about my CDs. You can get them right here. Just click right underneath my photograph on the album you want. You can charge these too! 5. At Cafepress you'll find some interesting clothing, doo-dads, keepsakes, and sundries that might be interesting or even good for a gift or two. Finally, please join me in thanking the men and women in our armed forces and keeping them in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. It wouldn't hurt if you were to keep your fingers crossed too. If you'd like, please have a look at Cellphones for Soldiers. It's an interesting way for us to do something for them and in most cases won't cost you a thing. That's it for now, I guess. Probably enough. Here's wishing you and yours a pleasant, peaceful, and entirely enjoyable St. Patrick's Day. Drop a line if you feel like it.

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