Post-Paddy's Day

Hello Everyone I finally got a little time to write this to let you know that with a few exceptions, all involved made it through Paddy's week in Savannah relatively unscathed. Maybe a potentially broken tailbone or two, but that was about it. Below is a link to a story that ran on ABC News on 16 March, naming Kevin Barry's in Savannah one of the five best places in the United States to spend St. Patrick's Day. For once, I agree in part with ABC News. But that's neither here nor there. I met and re-met lots of nice people from all over the country and from Ireland - notably warders from Mountjoy. Lots of present and former police, fire and servicemen and women and their families. Proud to meet, shake hands and talk with Medal of Honor winner SFC Leroy Petry, 75th Ranger Rgt. in the pub. It was a great time working with the expanded staff at the pub and with Seldom Sober and getting to do some extensive stagework with Carroll Brown and Harry O'Donoghue. We had a ball!!! The newspaper was claiming that there were at least a million people in town celebrating. That might have been true. You'd think with so many folks, mayhem would rule the day. Now granted we didn't have a million people in the pub but it was constantly full to the legal capacity - never over - and none of us heard a cross or discourageing word. Vic Power and his management team should be commended for such smooth sailing though rough seas. I guess that's about it for now. I'll be back at Kevin Barry's in April. The dates are 14-23: that's Satuday the 14th through Monday, the 23rd. I'm filling in for Harry on the front and Brendan Nolan on the back. As I write this, on 22 March, the calendar at Kevin Barry's website has it wrong, but it should be corrected soon. Take care for now and please continue to join me in sending up prayers for our men and women in harm's way. All the best, Frank Frank Emerson 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, Virginia 24382 276-228-6726 276-613-0598 (cell)

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