Post Independence Day Quickie

Here's hoping that you celebrated America's birthday in real style and had a good time, with good feelings and good fellowship. We had quite the shindig at Kevin Barry's in Savannah. The USS Monterey (CG 61) was in port over the holiday. The officers and crew made Kevin Barry's their home ashore. We were all glad to meet and talk and even have a few drinks with them. All were gentlemen and even did a bit of participating in the way of singing. Of course we all wish the ship and her entire complement 'fair seas and following winds'. All, however, was not without incident. I got a message from my pal Leo Rahill from the Philadelphia CSI, that his good friend and a hero of all of ours, "Wild" Bill Guarnere, Easy Company, 506 PIR, 101 ABN, had a heart attack. You all probably remember Bill as one of the prominent members of "The Band of Brothers". He's doing as well as can be expected, but I know he'd appreciate it if you could keep him in your prayers. Bill's buddy and long time cohort from South Philly and Easy Company, Edward "Babe" Heffron, is keeping Leo apprised of the situation and is returning the favor of vigilance that Bill gave to him a couple of years back when he wasn't doing all that great. I guess that's it. If you will, please send a thought or prayer up for old Wild Bill.

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