October Update 2016

October 2016 Hello Out There - I hope that you were able to persevere through Hurricane Matthew in the most reasonable shape possible. My sympathy for and condolences to those who had to suffer any losses. This was one for the books, alright. Let’s pray for no more of these things. Deal? To this update then: Congratulations to Kevin Barry’s Pub for winning the Most Authentic Irish Pub award in the world-wide contest conducted by the Dublin-based Irish Pub Global organization. There were over 1,000 entries from all over the world. In addition, the pub was also one of the finalists in the Pub of the Year and Marketing Campaign categories. Not only that, but our Brian Tillman was one of the finalists in the Bartender of the Year category (You wuz robbed.!) Any way, all-around congratulations to Vic Power and everyone involved. I’m flattered and proud to know you and be associated with you. Speaking of Kevin Barry’s, I’ll be back on stage there 17-23 October. Monday thru Saturday, I start warbling at 8:00 and go on until whenever. On Sunday, I follow the open session, which is anchored by Seldom Sober and the Savannah Ceilidh Band. The session, at which you’re all invited to participate, runs from about 6:30 thru *:30 or so. I take the stage at 8:45ish or thereabouts and play until whenever yet again. Just as an aside, congratulations and best of luck to Glyn Cozart and Brendan Chaney on the occasion of their nuptials on 15 October. This, of course, was the result of persistent pleading, begging, whining and groveling on the part of the new groom. (Get used to it Bren!) That’s about it for now. Drop a line, an email or a Facebook contact, when you feel like it. Have a look and listen to my website. Better yet, drop in to Kevin Barry’s and we can share a few, songs, stories, laughs and drinks. Please keep in mind our men and women in uniforms of all sorts. Best for now, Frank

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