October Update

Hello Everyone – I had a great time performing at the Bland County, Virginia 6th Annual Festival of Leaves on 10 October. The weather was sort of Irish, but the fairgrounds sport a very nice covered pavilion so that performers and the audience alike were protected from the elements. There were plenty of fine performers and lots and lots of home-grown, cooked and crafted products. All in all, the 2-day affair was a genuinely good, family-oriented production and I appreciated the opportunity to participate and hope to appear there again. To the business at hand I’ll be performing at Kevin Barry’s in Savannah 19-25 October. Monday –Saturday, I start at 8:00. On Sunday, there is an open session from about 6:30 – 8:30-ish. Anchored by the Savannah Ceilidh Band, everyone is welcome to bring an instrument (including voice) and join in on the largely traditional tunes and songs. I go on after they finish off. I’m still editing Frank Tells Tales and hope to put the finishing touches on it before too much longer. I’ll let you know. In the mean time, I’ll have with me at Kevin Barry’s copies of another book I wrote that covers ante bellum, Civil War and post bellum era. It’s called Wythe Bane Graham – 8th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A: Letters and Narrative of a Son of the Old Dominion. They’re priced at $10 each and I’ll be glad to sign my name - or anybody else’s name, for that matter – to a copy for you. That’s about it for now. I hope to see you. Got a few new tunes and stuff that you might get a kick out of All the best, Frank (www.frankemerson.com)

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