New Year and New Reviews

Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2009 Just received these TWO reviews for Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches from Writer's Digest, one of the foremost trade magazines in the writing world. "Clean Cabbage in the Bucket is an uproarious romp through the pubs of America. The stories collected in this anthology range from hilarious to heartwarming and even disconcerting at times. At times the reader can almost hear the sweet notes or an Irish brogue wafting off the page. Most of the time, however, the reader will be in stitches from giggling so hard. The picture section is fantastic. this is a great behind-the-scenes book that demands the reader grab a pint of Guinness or a snifter of Jameson and sit back for a great ride." "What I liked best about this book was the rollicking humor and sense of plain old fun. You can tell that each author absolutely delights in telling a story. There's a real sense of joie de vivre in this book that's impossible to resist. One wants to gather the authors around, kick back with a pint, and just listen to them go. This is a book that, for what it is, can't be much improved upon. In other words, its literary "flaws" are part of its charm." Not so bad, huh? You can get a copy through my website Frank Emerson 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, VA 24382 Home & Fax: 276-228-6726 Cell: 276-613-0598 E-Fax: 509-562-8833 E-mail: Website: (Appearing at Kevin Barry's 12-18 January)

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