Mogadishu and Absentee Ballots for Armed Forces

Two sources for absentee ballots for military No Surrender - Black Hawk Down The Oct 3-4 1993 Battle of Mogadishu was the biggest single firefight for American troops since the Vietnam War. Rangers and elements of 1st SOF DELTA commenced a snatch and grab operation of lieutenants in Genral Adids warlord militias then ended up in a 15-hour-long gunfight pitting about 120 American soldiers against thousands of Somali irregulars and militia. To the man, every U.S.trooper and pilot fought valiantly with little or no support, out numbered twenty to one until rescue elements including the 10th Mountian Division 214th Inf. and UN reinforcements, helped bring them back. . Though the missions original intent was valiant and bold in execution, its tragic conclusion shows how even though “The Mog”( as Mogadishu was coined) was not US soil, it is now as hallowed as Gettysburg or Pearl Harbor due to the spirit of “No Surrender” which exemplified the courage of the man on the street displayed. The story of a battle is timeless. Once the battle is joined, a soldier fights to survive, to kill before he are killed. Now, etched in all our minds as a spirit of what No Surrender is all about, the battle of Mogadishu is known today in Somalia as “Ma-alinti Rangers,” or the Day of the Rangers. It pitted the world's most sophisticated military power against mobs of civilians and Somalian irregulars, who, when even having twenty to one odds against the US trooper ; in the end were not strong enough to break the No surrender kinship all professional soldiers embody.

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