I played Buffalo, NY last week at the Shannon Pub. This is the third location of the pub. It is now in Tonawanda - which is one of the 'North Towns' of Buffalo. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly, the food is terrific and the drinks go down nicely-nicely, thank you. I got to meet some new folks and got to see some old friends as well - although not nearly enough of them. With luck they'll all come around next time I'm there. The thing that I wanted to tell you about, incase any of you are in the area on 23 April, is that on that date, the Shannon will be hosting a concert by the great Tom Rush For those of you who don't know and to remind those of you who do, Tom started in the early 60's at the Club 47 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At about the same time that Tom appeared there, newcomers Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Geoff & Maria Muldaur were trodding the same boards. In 1968, Tom wrote and recorded 'The Circle Game' - an immensely popular tune - made all the more remarkable since this was the psychedelic era. This song was in the vanguard of a new movement and pretty much ushered in the era of the singer/songwriter. Anyway, Tom is quite a performer and one of the originals on the American folk scene. Catch him if you can at the Shannon on the 23rd. Ticket information is available through the website: That's about it for now. You should know that this commercial was unsolicited and unpaid for and maybe uncalled for, but I had to let you know about Tom. So there you have it.

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