March 2019 Update

March 2019 Update Hello to Everyone and Anyone – We’ve come to that time of year again when we all honor the traditional death date of St. Patrick: 17 March 461. It’s also known as his Feast Day. Many of us might attend mass or some alternative religious service, then we might participate in or put in an appearance at a marvelous shamrock-ish parade – before, during and after which we might consume various victuals and potables (green tinted or normal) to fully or perhaps more than fully celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick. And of course, there are those of us might even express jollity, exuberance, enthusiasm and devotion to age-honored Celtic tradition by giving a stab at singing and dancing. Let me assure you that Savannah takes second place to no locality in its partaking in all of the above. And in Savannah, you’ll find no better place for this exhibition than on the two floors of Kevin Barry’s Pub, 117 W. River Street (912-233-9626) – complete with a balcony over looking the river and the hijinks taking place on River Street – but no green beer. Somebody has to draw the line, don’t you know. On my Facebook page is a carbon-dated photograph of St. Patrick’s Day at Kevin Barry’s during the actual time of St. Patrick. Left to right are: Carroll Brown, myself, Harry O’Donoghue and Vic Power. The only one who kind of looks the same is Harry, though he’s now a leftie. Anyway, all of these characters will be making appearances throughout the celebration. I kick things off as a solo on Wednesday and Thursday (13 &14) I believe Harry joins me on Friday (15). Saturday (16), Carroll, Harry and I go on right after the parade. Of course the St. Patrick’s festivities wouldn’t be complete without the fine talents of Colleen Settle and Michael Corbett (Seldom Sober – which is their nom de guerre and not their character trait). Yep they’ll be jumping in on Sunday (17) along with Carroll and me during the day. Harry may be coming in to join the crowd that evening. So you can see there’ll be lots going on: representatives from various Police and Fire Brigade pipe bands and – if we’re lucky, the Irish Air Corps Pipe Band will come in for a landing or two, some dancers, etc. etc. Vic Power will also be lending his presence and song stylings to the festivities now and again. Wednesday and Thursday, the music will be starting at 8:00 PM, I believe. Starting times will be earlier and earlier as the weekend progresses, so cover charges will vary accordingly. All in all it should be quite an entertaining and enlightening experience full of bonhomie presenting a wonderful opportunity to mend fences and make new friends. Here’s to wishing you a happy, peaceful and safe Paddy’s Day and to hoping you can join us. If that sounded to you like it might have been a toast, you’re right - it was. I just had one. Feel free to have one yourself. Consider it a rehearsal. All the best, Frank

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