March 2018 Update

Hello to all – It’s come to the time of year, as it were, for us to take stock, gird our collective loins and celebrate the feast day of the primary patron saint of Ireland, which is to say Saint Patrick (nee Maewyn Succat - which answer in the form of a question just might show up on Final Jeopardy). The feast day, which is the supposed date of the saint’s death, falls on March 17 this year. Imagine that. In order to cover all the bases and leave some wiggle room for lunar inconsistencies, macguffins, global warming and cooling and I don’t know what else that might affect the accuracy of the date of the span of the 5th to the 21st centuries , Kevin Barry’s Pub in Savannah, Georgia observes and celebrates the saint’s day all week!!! Below is the entertainment schedule for that week: March 12: Harry O’Donoghue March 13: Frank Emerson March 14: Frank Emerson March 15: Frank Emerson March 16: Carroll Brown, Harry O’Donoghue, Frank Emerson March 17: Seldom Sober (Colleen Settle & Michael Corbett), Carroll Brown, Frank Emerson March 18: Frank Emerson and possibly Carroll Brown Early in the week, there is a $2.00 cover charge and the entertainment starts at 8:00 PM. Later on in the week, the cover charge increases and the entertainment starts considerably earlier. For instance, on parade day (17th), it will start at about 1:00 PM. You can phone to solidify the information 912-233-9626. All that being said, I hope you all have a safe, sound and thoroughly enjoyable observation of the feast day of Saint Patrick. All the best for now and please join me in keeping those who go into harms way on our behalf at home and abroad in your thoughts and prayers. Frank

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