June Update 2016

Hello everyone – I’m back for another “Beatles Week” at Kevin Barry’s next week. That is to say it’s an 8-dayer: 12-19 June (Sunday thru Sunday) . Vic says that this is so I get religion at both ends of the deal: protection fore and aft, if you will. On the Sunday’s I start after the open session, which runs from about 6:30 through 8:30, 8:45…something like that. It’s anchored as always by the extremely capable and musical Savannah Ceilidh Group. Everyone is welcome to come on, join in on instrument or voice, or just relax, have a good drink and/or chow and listen to some fine traditional songs and tunes. Monday – Saturday, I take the stage promptly at 8:00 and play 4 or 5 sets. A premature happy Flag Day (Stars and Stripes, that is) on the 14th – which also happens to be the Army’s 241st birthday (American Army, that is) … so a premature Happy Birthday and a Hooah! to the U.S. Army). To continue with this raft of preemies, Happy Fathers Day on the 19th to all you fathers or as they say nowadays, ‘Babydaddy’ – see, that’s just to show you I’m hip. That’s about it for now. I hope you get a chance to stop by and share a few songs and stories. I still have some openings for this year and I‘m starting to book for 2017. Take care and God bless Frank

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