June Update

Hello Everyone - June is busting out all over - I told her to lay off the bon bons. Hope that helps everyone start off things with a smile. Sometimes it's hard to do these days, if you catch my drift. Anyways - to quote my friend Pat Garvey, we're still getting drenched here in SW Virginia. Ireland may have its 40 shades of green but right now I think Appalachia has it beat. Trust you are all doing OK. Kevin Barry's has its new website up and running, so that means their calendar is up to date and should be for a while at least. Happy 234th Birthday to the U.S. Army. Below is the speech to be given on 14 June by ADM Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to commemorate the event. JCS Speech United States Army Birthday 2009 By Adm. Mike Mullen , Pentagon Sunday, June 14, 2009 The history of our Army is the history of America. And today, without question, our Army is the best fighting force this country has ever seen. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit with you – our Soldiers, and our Army families – it’s hard not to feel exceptionally proud of the difference you are making as you defend our Nation and create security and stability around the globe. It’s difficult as well to miss your fighting spirit and your remarkable resilience, which were so critical to turning the tide in Iraq, and remain indispensable as we shift our main effort to Afghanistan. Your legacy of success has always been paced by a trademark ability to learn and adapt. As you train and teach to those hard-earned lessons, you are writing the history of warfare, line by line. Indeed, your versatility is indispensable to every facet of war – especially our efforts to prevent war itself – from building partners to defending our homeland. You know that no one can do this alone. You also understand what eternal debts we owe our wounded, their families, and the families of the fallen. The Soldier’s Creed of “Never leave a fallen comrade” inspires a Nation to care for them with a commitment that is for life. And in this charge, as is true of so many others, you lead the way – “always fighting from the heart.” On behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it is an honor to wish our Army and Army families a happy 234th birthday. Hoo-ah! To that I can only add "Ditto" and maybe even "Ooh-Rah!" I'll be back at Kevin Barry's 29 June - 5 July. Hope to see you all. In the mean time, drop a note if you'd like. Remember our troops. God Bless for now,

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