July Update - Long Island Irish Festival

Hello Everyone - A quick update. Just got back from a great 4th of July week at Kevin Barry's in Savannah. It was great to have been able to meet and spend time with a fair number of the crew from the USS Barry (DDG-52). Named after Irish native, Commodore John Barry, the founder of the U.S. Navy, this Arleigh Burke -Class guided missile destroyer was moored just a little further west on River Street. The fellows conducted tours aboard ship and of course spent a good amount of their liberty anchoring down the pub. They did a good job of it too. Although she was buffeted by some gale force winds, the pub never moved. We had a good contingent of Rangers, Green Berets, Infantrymen, Cavalrymen, Marines, Sailors , Coastguardsmen and Airmen. There were even some Irishmen. Imagine that: Irishmen in a pub!!! On Sunday night, we had one old Army-Aircorpsman - Arnold Kintsler - who was a gunner on one of the companion B-29s to the Enola Gay, on it's way to Hiroshima. He's a great fellow with a great laugh and wonderful stories - which he is in the midst of recording for the sake of posterity. He fit in just right with all the present day service men. Together, a bunch of them took a tour through Heroes Hall - the second floor museum at Kevin Barry's. This, by the way, is a sight to be seen - a memorial that is always being added to and expanded in honor of members of the US.Armed Forces. Heard that Danny Doyle is healing up nicely. With luck, it won't be too much longer before he's out there "warbling away" - as he puts it. Next week. I'm headed to the Long Island Irish Festival. I'll be performing at 2:30 on Friday, 1:00 on Saturday, and 12:30 on Sunday. There is lots of information at the festival's website. Tickets are of course available at the gate however, you can get them at the website for almost half price! It should be quite the event - 3 stages, workshops, motorcycles, food, drink,(under shelter), tons of performers and lots of music. Now for the more commercial part of the note. You can get copies of my recordings and also the book Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches at my website. All of these can be purchased by credit card. That's about it for now. I trust that you're all having an enjoyable summer.

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