January Update

Hello Everyone: Here’s hoping all had a very Merry Christmas and that you will at least have have a shot at what – with luck and no small amount of perseverance and divine guidance – might become a happy and rewarding 2015. I just can’t quite accept that 2015 is actually a year: I keep thinking a quarter past eight in the evening. At any rate, please God and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be flailing and warbling away at Kevin Barry’s in Savannah from Monday, 5 January through Sunday , 11 January. Monday – Friday, I start at 8 PM (2000)On Sunday, the pub hosts a traditional music session, anchored by the Savannah Ceilidh Group and Seldom Sober. The session is open, so all are welcome to bring an instrument, join in, sing along or just enjoy the craic. Starting at about 6:30 (1830), the session goes on for a couple of hours and I take the stage at about a quarter ‘til 9 (2045). I hope you can find your way to 117 W. River Street sometime over the next week. There’s some terrific grub, well-poured drinks and all-around good fellowship. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Heroes Hall on the second floor. It’s a veritable museum honoring past and present service members, police, fire and first responders. Back on the first floor music listening room, we’ll have a few songs, stories, laughs, maybe some cries and even a couple of toasts. All the best until then.

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