January 2012 Update

Hello All - Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. I'm not sure what the figure "2012" signifies. It occurs to me that it's 29.59 times the number of electrons in the element krypton. I first learned this from George Reeves, so the source in unimpeachable. 2012 simply cannot be an actual year!!! Though according to the Mayans it'll be the last one, so I'm going be sure I'm wearing clean underwear at all times. Just letting you all know that I'll be appearing at Kevin Barry's in Savannah from Monday, 9 January - Monday, 16 January - that's an 8-day week. I'm filling in on the 16th for my friend Brendan Nolan, who'll be appearing there starting on 17 January. I'd also like to let you know that my friend Carroll Brown just released a new record album called "Sweet Savannah Nights". I've heard it. It's terrific! Carroll wrote or co-wrote all the material, so you know it's first rate. You can order a copy or download from the following link: http://carrollbrownmusic.com/recordings.cfm Welcome home and thank you to our men and women from Iraq - though you know there are still some people there. Please join me in keeping them and our men and women in Afghanistan in our prayers.

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