Frances Receives a Well-Deserved Honor!

Pre-first, I'd like to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I believe that despite what transpires in the world, or maybe because of it, those of us living in America have a great deal to be thankful well as many places to where our thanks should be directed. Feel free to apply that as you will. I think you know where I stand on things. First, I'm thrilled and tickled to announce that my wife, Frances - owing to her remarkable accomplishments as Director/Curator of Historical Resources for the Town of Wytheville - received the Award for Innovative Leadership from the Wytheville-Wythe-Bland Chamber of Commerce at the 60th Annual Membership Dinner Meeting of that organization. Needless to say - but I'll say it anyway - I'm very proud of her for the job she has done and continues to do. There are some pictures of Frances throughout the photo section of my website, if you'd like to see what a real local hero looks like. Second and so forth, on to more commercial themes. CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET And Other Tales From the Musical Trenches , the book on which I collaborated with Harry O'Donoghue , Seamus Kennedy , Robbie O'Connell and Dennis O'Rourke is still with the printer as of this writing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be delivered soon. I'm hoping for well before Christmas, but I really don't know. I've already had a number of you pre-order a copy from me. I' d enjoy having any of the rest of you doing likewise, and I'll send the things on to you signed and sealed just as soon as I get them. For information on how to order a copy and to read an excerpt, have a look at this link: Once you get there, just scroll down. On the way down the page, you'll pass a link to "Cafe Press". Have a look there, if you'd like, or you can go directly there by clicking the following link: There are all sorts of cute things there that might be good for Christmas gifts as well. Of course CDs are always handy at Christmas time. Besides my solo efforts, I've recently gotten hold of a number of copies of "A Christmas Postcard" - which I recorded a little while back with Harry O'Donoghue and Carroll Brown. You can hear excerpts from this recording as well as all my others currently available at the "Music" section of my website: . Certainly all of these can be purchased right at my website. I use CD Baby as the agent of record. There are album descriptions and reviews at . This coming Thursday- Saturday (30 November - 2 December), I'll be at Delaney's, in Columbia, SC. My last job of 2006 will be at Kevin Barry's , in Savannah, GA, 11-17 December. I've got some time off then and don't go on the road again until 4-6 January 2007, when I'll be back at Delaney's. I've gotten a fair number of bookings for 2007, but I also have a fair number of openings. So if you hear of anything, please pass my contact information along.

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