Festival and Bryan Schrader

The 16th Annual Savannah Irish Festival was, by all accounts, a roaring success. Lots of fun and laughs. I was proud to be associated with it. Just received the letter below from Courtney Barnes about our pal Bryan Schrader and his parachuting mis-step. I'll sign off here and let you read Courtney's letter. Will talk more around Paddy's Day. Hello all!!! This is the first opportunity I've taken to read emails and actually respond!!! :) If the rehab hospital had wireless internet, I'd have been on here much sooner!!! I wish to first express our thanks and gratitude to all of you who have kept Bryan in your prayers. He is such an incredibly special person to many people, and I truly am blessed to have him, not only ALIVE but, in the condition he's in...considering the outrageously amazing things that his body has been through. His mental, physical, and spiritual strength have kept him going...and will continue to...as well as the overwhelming love and support from friends and family such as yourselves! Just to sort of clear up what his body has actually been through... He had some subarachnoid hemorrhages in his brain that initially caused some excrutiating migraines but have since continued to clear themselves up...taking the migraines away with them! His C5-C7 (cervical/neck) vertebrae have herniated discs that require him to wear a neck brace for three weeks, and they should clear themselves up within 10 weeks. The transverse process ("wings") of his L4 (lumbar) is fractured...thankfully not the actual "body" of the vertebrae - so NO spinal cord damage...NO nerve damage. His right sacrum is fractured, resulting in two pins...the left pubic bone was fractured, but nothing really can be "done" about it as far as hardware goes...the right femur was grossly fractured right below the hip joint (no joint damage), resulting in a rod with accompanying pins...the left tibia and fibula were fractured, initially thought to be a "simple" compound but ended up being a little more "messy", resulting in a rod and plate with pins. There was actually some penetration in his shin sized about the diameter of a pencil, but no protruding bone (and no resulting infection). Last, but certainly not least, a broken toe or two on the left foot. I say a prayer every day that he was wearing his full-face helmet, in lieu of another one he has the option of wearing, because the result would not be a pretty one... Because of his inability to get out of bed (or even of being conscious in the beginning), a DVT (blood clot) formed in his right leg, resulting in an IVC (inferior vena cava) filter being placed inside, near the groin, to protect from any clot breakage...and the possible pieces of fat, etc., that were broken up during the fractures. And...WOW!!!...NO ribcage damage (just some superficial bruising), NO internal organ damage, NO arm or hand damage...I mean...WOW!!! I see him now maneuvering himself around with his upper-body strength and thank God that he at least has that to his advantage. He spent the 25th-5th in Saint Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix...and was transferred to Yuma Rehab on the 5th and will be there until the 19th, unless they can discharge him sooner. We hope sooner because he's pretty much maxed out on the therapy he is able to perform at this point...he misses home...and home misses him (our kitty cries for him everyday, I hear, as does our roomie's pup, who we've become "foster parents" to!!!). Because his legs/feet are zero weight-bearing for three months, the amount of physical and occupational therapy that can be performed, and practiced for three hours everyday, is severely limited...however, I suspect that when that time comes around for us to start walking again...I probably won't be able to keep up!!! His spirits are excellent, and I have to extend out to all of you that it is, in part, because of the love, support, thoughtfulness, and prayers from friends and family that have been here for him, and myself, during this challenging time. The other part...well, come on...he's a "big, tough Ranger"!!! hehehe Seriously, he and I are so thankful to find that so many hold us so dear to their hearts...and for that, we are eternally grateful! The next...let's say "year"...is going to be a challenging road for us...but Bryan is prepared for the journey: ready to take things as they come, always ready to push when he needs to push, and is being smart enough to do what's right for his body when it is required (and for that, you can't imagine how proud I am of him!!!). I know that your continued love and support and prayers will only enhance that for him!!! Thank you again for the prayers and concern

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