February Update -2011

Hello all - Just a quick note about a couple of things. I'll be appearing at Kevin Barry's next week. Playing Monday - Sunday, 14 - 20 February. That's Valentine's Day - Iwo Jima + 1 Day or to mix up the title of an old Alec Guinness movie "Kind Hearts and Bugles". I'm told I have to bring some warm weather with me. I hear this winter's been the coldest in Georgia history, including that little episode with General Sherman in December 1864. Speaking of Kevin Barry's, I forget whether or not I've mentioned it, but the place was recently named one of the Top Ten Military-Friendly Bars in the World by Military.com. Military.com is the largest online military member magazine in the world. I also have a little bit of news about Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales from the Irish Music Trenches. You remember, that's the anthology to which I contributed a few non-fiction-yet-elaborated stories. though you can still buy the physical book here, I recently got a note from Dennis O'Rourke, another contributor and the editor of the book. He told me that we're very close to setting up a deal where "CC" will soon be available as an e-book. I'm really not sure how those things work, but I'm told that e-books are considerably less expensive than book books. I'll keep you posted when I get the skinny. That's about it for now. Happy Valentines Day to all of you and if you happen to celebrate it, I hope that you "party hearty". (Ouch, that one hurt even to type!) Join me in keeping the troops in our prayers, Frank

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