February Update

I'll be at Kevin Barry's 3-9 February see http://www.kevinbarrys.com Feb update Hello all – Just a couple of announcements: 1. If you’ve seen the movie “Lone Survivor” you might be interested in this book: “Lest We Forget: an Army Ranger Medic’s Story”, which gives you ‘the rest of the story’. As my friend, Ranger Brendan Durkan put it: “Lone Survivor. Operation Redwings. Most of you have seen the movie, read the book, know the story. Something that isn't often talked about in the media is the story of the Rangers that were on the extraction/recovery mission for the fallen SEALs and the Lone Survivor Marcus Lutrell. The people you see in the first picture are the Rangers that walked for 46 hrs, ran out of water, and then started hydrating with IVs until they completed their mission true to our creed, "I will never leave a fallen comrade behind". On the second picture they are only 200 meters from the ridge where they recovered the body of Navy SEAL Matt Axelson. You can see how steep and fucked up the terrain was. One of those Rangers, Leo "Doc" Jenkins wrote a book about his experiences on that mission containing never before seen or published pictures and I highly recommend reading it. He didn't ask for a promo, but after picking it up, I can say it's a book worth of your time. Check the book on Amazon here : http://goo.gl/lwO2sX "Without them there would be no Lone Survivor book OR movie for Marky Mark to star in." 2. The 7th Beaufort Celtic Festival is being held on 22 February in Beaufort, SC. Performers include, Carroll Brown, Harry O’Donoghue, The Carroll Brown Celtic Band, The Raparees, The Savannah Ceilidh Band and Celtic Traditions. It should be quite a time. You can find all sorts of information at http://www.beaufortcelticfestival.com I guess that’s about it. I’ll post information about St. Patrick’s Day early next month. In the mean time I hope you can come by Kevin Barry’s this coming week. God bless all of yez and take care for now

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