Early November Update

I just wanted to let you know tht this past Sunday, Halloween, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Kevin Barry's Pub in Savannah. There were a bunch of musicians who got on stage and did a twist or two - not the dance, mind you. Included were Gabriel Donohue, Harry O'Donoghue, Danny Doyle, Eddie Ivey, Cahir O'Doherty, Brendan Nolan, Carroll Brown, Colleen Settle, Johnnie Kennedy, Happy McNamara and me. We sure made a lot of noise. Speakers included Dr. Paul Jurgensen, Dr. Frank Clancy, Dr. Howard Keeley, and maybe the most moving of all, Cheri Power - Vic's wife. If I've left anyone out, I apologize. It was unintentional. Thirty years is a pretty remarkable achievement, considering the fact that the bar/restaurant business has an extremely high attrition rate. What makes it even more impressive is what appears to have been happening over the last few years: Irish bars, particularly those that feature folk entertainment, have been reducing the entertainment nights, changing the nature of the entertainment or eliminating it entirely. Kevin Barry's Pub still presents traditional and non-traditional Irish and folk music seven nights a week. There's even a traditional session on Sunday evenings (running from about 6:30 until nine-ish). The session is free and all players and singers are invited. The nightly entertainment, that runs from 8:30 until 12:30 or later is still only $2.00 per person. The final thing that makes the 30-year anniversary so singular, is that the pub has only had one proprietor: Vic Power. He envisioned it, established it, built it and continues to run it. The pace is a reflection of the man in every sense: from the Irish music, to the bill of fare, to its continuous and growing gratitude for the military, fire, police and first responders - as evidence by the Hall of Heroes museum on the second floor. I know I speak for a ton of musicians and employees who have been associated with the place over the decades when I express my congratulations to Vic and my appreciation for the paydays in good times and bad. The guy always came through for you - sometimes to his detriment. He continues to do so. He's the straightest shooter you'd ever want to meet. The Veterans Council of Chatham County is holding the dedication of the World War II Memorial on Sunday 7 November on River Street in Savannah, just across from Kevin Barry's. If you'd care to become a part of the memorial, you can contact the Council through their website and learn how you can purchase a personal, inscribed brick that will become a permanent part of the edifice. The following was forwarded to me from The Men of Easy Company Association. I thought you might be interested. The Men of Easy Company Association want kindly ask your attention to a new project we support. This project will by carried out by Tim Gray Media. More information you can find on http://easycompany.legacyconnect.com/ First Lt. Richard Winters Leadership Statue in Normandy, France and Accompanying HD Documentary film on Dick Winters Leadership of Men in Combat on D-Day and in the European Theatre during World War II Documentary ‘Hang Tough’ to be narrated by Damian Lewis The Project: A statue to be dedicated in Normandy (Ste. Marie-du-Mont) recognizing (then)First Lieutenant Richard Winters and the leadership abilities of all US Army officers during the Normandy phase of Operation Overlord. The statue will be designed by internationally known sculptor Stephen Spears of Fairhope, AL and be the likeness of Lt. Winters. Mr. Spears is the sculptor of the United States World War I Doughboy statue in Cantigny, France and the U.S.Navy World War II monument, dedicated in 2008 outside the Utah Beach museum, Ste. Marrie du-Mont, France. The Statue: A selected and approved likeness (by the Winters’ family) of (then) 1st Lt.Winters. The statue of Mr. Winters will be positioned in a leadership position (as a leader of men). The statue will be identified as 1st Lt. Richard Winters, E-Company, 506th PIR, 101stAirborne, but will also be representative of ALL the Army officers who were responsible for leading soldiers into combat in Normandy on June 6, 1944 and will showcase all the divisions who fought in Normandy in the very early stages of D-Day. The monument will prominently feature the words: Leadership 6-6-1944 below Lt. Winters’ likeness and a quote on leadership from Major Winters. The Documentary Film: Hang Tough will focus on Dick Winters’ leadership abilities in Europe in WWII, his ability to motivate, inspire and lead men when initial planning has broken down, all principles that are still important today to those who lead and set the stage for others to succeed. Interviews with I Company men alive today and with Major Winters will be utilized. This film will air on a national cable channel. Narrated by Damian Lewis. Fundraising for statue and film project: To be organized by Tim Gray Media, an Emmy Award-Winning documentary film company based in Kingston, Rhode Island:(www.timgraymedia.com). TGM focuses on the production of films which chronicle the stories of WWII veterans. 501(c)(19): Through a co-production partnership with the Men of Easy Company Association, all donations and sponsorships of this project are tax-deductible. RIPBS is a 501(c)(3) organization. National Spokesperson for project: Former Boston Red Sox and 3-time World Series champion and National Museum of World War II board member, Curt Schilling. Dedication: Statue and film dedication in Ste. Marie-du-Mont, Normandy, France in 2011. Education: 1,000 copies of the DVD will be donated to school systems (all levels) in Pennsylvania free of charge on behalf of the Major Winters and Ethel Winters. Richard Winters Leadership Award (presented annually): In addition to the monument to Dick Winters in Ste. Marie-du-Mont, a Major Richard Winters Leadership Award (a bronze medal with the likeness of the actual monument engraved on the medallionw/ribbon and name of recipient) will be presented each year to current members of the 101st Airborne who display exceptional leadership qualities in both combat and non-combat situations. Award winners to be determined by 101st Airborne representatives and presented at a time to be determined by 101st officials. That's about it for now. Take care and drop a note if you'd care to. Love to hear from you.

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