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This is the last ditch reminder/media blitz for the hilarious and moving non-fiction anthology, "Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches" At over 400 pages and 70-odd stories with 20 pages of photos, it's only a stocking stuffer if you happen to be Sasquatch! It's an out and out good gift. It's re-readable - full of stories you'll want to tell and talk about. Don't just take my word for it. After all I have a vested interest in the thing. And I'm biased to boot. Below is what a number of noted/notorious writers and performers had to say about this thoroughly enjoyable book. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's a great read and had me in stitches laughing for a few weeks. It tells of life on the road and the fun and frolics of some of our favourite bards. It's well worth a read and would make a great Christmas gift for many Dads out there. Many of my friends have enjoyed it as well. All have the same reaction. …belly laughs!" - Columnist Shay Clarke/"Raised on Songs & Stories" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Got a copy of the book a while back…Still enjoying it…Glad to know the road hasn't changed…HA! HA!" Pete St.John /Multi-Time Ireland's Songwriter of the Year The Rare Ould Times, Fields of Athenry, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Expert Storytellers! The great yarns come one after another! Just try reading one story and putting the book down. It's impossible!" - Mike Farragher /The Celtic Lounge & - The Irish Voice -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Funny, Poignant, Shocking, Memorable, Illuminating, Insightful…a Very Compelling Read and a Top Shelf Selection!" -John O'Brien, Jr./ The Ohio Irish American News -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Great untold stories of the men behind the mike, perfect for dipping into and eclectic in its styles. Damon Runyon meets Frank O'Connor, with a dash of Brendan Behan thrown in for very good measure. I loved it!" - Irish Writer/Performer/Teacher Declan Forde -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I enjoyed the bewk very much! Great stories and all around well-told, but then why wouldn't it be? Ye're all great story tellers! -Danny Doyle/ Ireland's Leading Balladeer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's as easy to get as slapping a colicky baby off the throne. (Now there's an image) 1. Go to 2. Scroll down past the heading for "Clean Cabbage etc..." 3. You'll see three (3) "buy it" buttons. - You'll notice that you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex or Bank Account via Paypal. 4. Click on any of them and follow the instructions. 5. It's guaranteed safe and secure. 6. I'll send you a signed copy right away - in time for Christmas! OH, BY THE WAY... CDs can be ordered just as easily by clicking here: Right underneath my picture is an order sheet that will connect you directly with CDBaby. You can get them straight from them. If you like, before you buy, you can listen to tracks from the albums at: Here's wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas.

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