August Update

Hello Folks - I hope that your summer weather is as nice where you are as it is here in Southwest Virginia. What a pleasant change over the heat of last year. I'm afraid we might be going into a new Ice Age. Sometimes I hear mammoths at night. Surprisingly enough they all sound like Ray Romano. Anyway, a couple of things: My appearance at The GrahamFest 2008 has been adjusted. As of now - and this looks to be the final word - I'll be on the Carriage House Stage on Monday, 1 September from 4:30 until 6:00 PM. The festival runs 31 August - 1 September from 3:00 PM on. You can get all the details at the GrahamFest Site. We recently received a couple more fine reviews of our book, Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches. Michael Snow, an old pal from Liverpool, now a very successful Nashville fixture had this to say: " I read the book cover to cover and enjoyed it thoroughly! Kudos! Fine tales, well told!" Our Friend, Diane Byrnes, host of the radio program "Echoes of Erin" over WEDO 810 AM in Pittsburgh said: "They will keep you laughing, maybe shed a tear or two; but for sure you'll enjoy the book" As you probably know by now, you can get a copy of the book as well as any of my records at my website: And you can pay by credit card! Finally, the great Dublin entertainer, Ronnie Drew, passed away in Dublin at the age of 73. The humor, intelligence, honesty, and talent of this fine representative of Irish music and theater will be missed. A great influence on performers, his irreverent style applied with unerring marksmanship will not be replaced. All of our sympathies to his family. That about does it for now, please keep in mind the men and women in uniform at home and abroad. You might have a look at this site, or this one, "Treats for Troops". All the best for now. Drop a line if you like.

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