April 2019 Update

April 2019 Update Hello to all there – I trust everyone had a safe and happy and successful celebration of the Feast of St. Patrick. Did you? You can tell if your celebration was safe and happy and successful if you’ve ended up with the same number of eyes, ears, teeth and noses. Sometimes it takes a while to do an accurate accounting and file the after action reports, so I don’t expect all of you to have an answer right now. Congrats if you did and remember it’s less than a year until the next one, so you might want to get a head start on your preparations. To the present day then: I’ll be at Kevin Barry’s Pub, 117 W. River Street, Savannah GA 912-233-9626 next week; Tuesday through Saturday, which is the 16th through the 20th. The 16th is one day after the 15th, which may strike a bell as being Income Tax Due Day. I hope you all didn’t get burned too badly this year. I’m not sure how you all feel about it, but as for me - I’m proud to be paying taxes in the USA. The only thing is – and this is where the government is missing a chance for a good public relations coup – I could be ten times as proud for one-tenth of the taxes. Sort of a curly-cue take on the old tithing ploy. Do I hear any ‘amens’ out there? So anyway, I am at the pub next Tuesday through Saturday starting at 8:00 PM each evening. With me, I’ll have some copies of “Frank Tells Tales” which, as you may be aware is an anthology of derring-do stories of some of the death-defying, perilous, menacing, fuel-injected, pruriently-infused, politically-incorrect aspects of the fast-paced existence in the other-worldly world of folk music. They’re only a sawbuck each at the gig. By mail, they’re $11.50; just send a check in that amount to me at: 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, Virginia 24382 You can download and in some cases purchase a bunch of my music from a number of sources, including Youtube and also at Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Rhapsody, Deezer, Amazon, thru CD Baby or even at my website: www.frankemerson.com. Drop a line or an email or a Facebook commo if you feel like it. I’m glad to start a conversation at any time. In case I don’t see you this April, I’ll look for you down the road. That’s about it for now. Please join me in keeping in your thoughts and prayers those men and women in harm’s way at home and overseas. All the best always, Frank Frank Emerson 790 E. Spiller Street Wytheville, VA 24382 276-613-0598 www.frankemerson.com www.ifreelance.com/pro/4448 Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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