25 August Update

Dates have been added to my calendar for 2010. You'll notice that most of my work at this point is at Kevin Barry's Pub in Savannah. The reason is that's all I have booked at this point. I'm hoping for an odd festival or another pub or two, but in the mean time I'm not wasting what creative talents there may be left in this old noggin. While not working on developing a perpetual motion machine and x-ray eyeglasses that can see through ANYTHING - although that does take up a good deal of my energies - I'm doing quite a bit of writing. It's for an SEO research company and even though it's not Pulitzer Prize material, it does bring in a few bob and I can do it right here while in my union suit. That being the case, the crux of these updates, for the foreseeable future anyway, will have to do with the goings-on around and having to do with Kevin Barry's. With that in mind, I'd like to let you know about a special organization. Below is the blurb from the website: www.emeraldeddie.com that explains things well. The Emerald Eddie Society was established in 2006 as an informal group with the purpose of contributing to charitable organizations. The primary beneficiary being the Eddie Ivie Memorial Scholarship Fund through the Georgia Southern Foundation and the Center for Irish Studies at Georgia Southern University The Society is named in honor of Eddie Ivie. Eddie fostered a love for the songs and stories of Ireland and he became a talented musician, songwriter and stage performer. following his untimely death in 2005 his parents, Vic and Cheryl Power chose to endow the Scholarship through GSU It is the Mission of the Emerald Eddie Society to host event which mirror Eddie's passions and in turn raise money to promote the ideals by which he lived his life. One-hundred % of the profits from all events will be donated to the Center for Irish Studies and the stated secondary charity for each event. There are two events scheduled over the next two months. 1. Halfway to St.Patrick's Day Party Friday, 18 September 7-11PM The Harp Irish Pub 1425 Market Blvd., Roswell, GA Music by: Carroll Brown and Danny Ray Cole 2. Annual Gaels of Music Concert Tuesday, 13 October 7:30 PM Emma Kelly Theater - Averitt Center for the Arts 33 E. Main Street, Statesboro, GA (912) 212-2787 Music by: Gabriel Donohue www.gabrieldonohue.com Danny Ray Cole www.dannyraycole.com Carroll Brown www.carrollbrownmusic.com Johnny Kennedy Harry O'Donoghue www.harryodonoghue.com Frank Emerson www.frankemerson.com Irish Dancers of Savannah Special appearances by: a selected musical performer from Georgia Southern, Butch Elmgren, Prof. Howard Keeley and past recipients of Eddie Ivie Memorial Scholarships On that same evening, "Seldom Sober" - consisting of Colleen Settle and Mike Corbett. will be appearing at Kevin Barry's, to where we will all adjourn after the concert. Colleen and Mike also anchor the traditional seisuin every Sunday at Kevin Barry's from 6:30 - 8:45. Singers, players and listeners welcome. Information on the concert and bus schedule from Savannah to Statesboro can be had at 912-233-9626 - that's the phone number of Kevin Barry's.(www.kevinbarrys.com) ON OTHER FRONTS: 1. The Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross (www.donttearmedown.com) For their own reasons, the ACLU is seeking to have a cross removed from a rugged tor by the side of a highway in the Mojave Desert. Erected in 1934 in remembrance of World War I fallen comrades, it has come to symbolize all vets. Please read about this battle and draw your own conclusions at the website. 2. "A World Apart" is the title given to the forthcoming World War II Memorial to be erected on Rousakis Plaza, across River Street from Kevin Barry's Pub. Donations are still needed to see that this worthwhile and suitable memorial is put in place post haste. The Veteran's Council of Chatham County website (www.veteranscouncilofchathamcounty.com) as a great deal of information telling about how and in what way contributions and remembrances might be made and secured. In addition, Kevin Barry's Pub has two dedicated credit card machines whereby you can make a donation to the memorial fund any time you feel so moved while you're in the pub - usually in the midst of veterans of all ages. THE PUB TAKES NO MONEY WHATSOEVER FORM THESE DONATIONS.. 3. Just finished a great book: "The Apostle" by Brad Thor (www.bradthor.com). I believe that by this book alone, he's got a lot of people "hoo-ahhing" and "oooh-rahing" him and likewise there are others who are spitting bile. This is definitely a non-fiction/fiction piece and it is right on the money. I guess that's about it for now. I'll be heading back to Kevin Barry's for the week of 31 August - 6 September. (Although V-J day was 14 August, Formal Surrender Day is coming up on 2 September. I believe I'll sing a chorus or two of "Back in Nagasaki Where the Fellas Chew Tobacky and the Women Wicki-Wacki-Woo") Please join me in keeping the troops in our thoughts and prayers.

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