December 2017 Update

Post-Thanksgiving / Pre-Christmas greetings to Everyone – I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving and that it was full-filling in every way. Get it? Don’t I have a way with words, though? Maybe not a good way but it’s a way, anyway. Very glad I got my flu and pneumonia shots this year. Safe on that quarter. However, apparently they don’t work against this swine virus/bronchitis/gout thingy that I’m just getting over. I wonder if there’s a vaccine for it? Maybe I should just drink. Might not be a cure, but eventually I wouldn’t care. At any rate, I’m feeling roughly fit as is possible for a person of my dissipated tastes, so I’ll be back on stage at Kevin Barry’s in Savannah 4-10 December. Of course we’ll be Remembering Pearl Harbor (76th observance) on the 7th with some appropriate music. Monday - Saturday I go on at 8 PM. Sunday I’ll go on after the session, which is hosted by the highly entertaining Savannah Ceilidh Band. It’s an open session, so you’re welcome to join in. The session runs roughly from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Then it’s my twist. This is the season for giving, so I’m giving you the information that I have plenty of copies of “Frank Tells Tales” available for purchase. They make wonderful birthday, Christmas, Arbor Day, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Divorce, Annulment, Christening, Confirmation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, etc. etc., etc. gifts. Did I mention Christmas?The book is $10 at the gig or $11.50 through the mail. Just send a check made out to me at the following address: 790 East Spiller Street Wytheville, Virginia 24382 I’ll autograph a copy made out to whomever you say and send it to you straight away. (If you don’t want it autographed, that’s OK too. I’ll have hurt feelings, but I’ll survive…I guess) With the exception of “A Christmas Postcard”, which I recorded with Carroll Brown and Harry O’Donoghue, I’m out of CDs right now. I will have a limited number of those CDs at the gig. If you’d like to have other material, you can download lots of my stuff through CD Baby. Just type in and then enter “frank emerson’ in the search box. You can also find me on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Rhapsody, Deezer and Amazon. I guess that about does it for this rant. Here’s wishing you all a very Merry/Happy Christmas and a Happy/Merry - and prosperous – 2018. Hope to see you at Kevin Barry’s some time during the week. We can share a few songs, stories and toasts. If you feel like it, drop me a line or some such (Facebook, e-mail, etc) when you have the time. Please join me in keeping out men and women in harms way at home and abroad in our thoughts and prayers. Best for now, Frank

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