Welcome here to the home page of the website for Frank Emerson - Entertainer, Singer, Folksinger, Irish folksinger, Songwriter, Voiceover Actor, Actor, Freelance Writer and Copywriter. I also do windows. I know that sounds like the I have ADD, but really I'm just practicing diversity - trying to get something right. This site should provide anyone interested with a fair amount of intel about me and my activities - which are for the most part legal.

In the Calendar Section. you'll find a performance schedule.

There is a Biographical Section with lots of information - intimate, un-intimate, and in between. In the Music section are some MP3's of some of my songs. My music can also be downloaded t Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Rhapsody, Deezer, Amazon and Youtube.

In the Links section, there are links to venues, fellow musicians, comedians, museums and businesses.

There are some full length reviews as well as quotable quotes in the Press/Review section.

The Photo Gallery holds different images of various characters and what not and is always expanding. Send a photo along, if you like and we can try and get it on the page. (JPEG or GIF)

In the News/Journal Section are announcements and updates of activities and the like. Entries are made roughly once a month, so it's sort of a monthly "blog" So have a ramble through the site. Maybe even enjoy it. Feel free to use any of the contact methods to leave a question for Frank - or maybe even employ me as a singer, entertainer, actor, voiceover actor, writer or to do your windows.

Sign up for the mailing list and have a look at and sign the Guestbook. Leave a comment, if you like. 

Insofar as my freelance writing is concerned, I have a portfolio of sorts. It consists of my resume plus numerous examples of my writing in a number of different genres that I'll be glad to send along to you at your request. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway and to be repetitious - I can be contracted as a performer and/or as a writer. Just drop me a line or give us a call:

femerson@ embarqmail.com

790 E. Spiller St., Wytheville, VA 24382


Thanks for stopping by.

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