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Frank Emerson: Press/Reviews

Tonight's show was absolutely wonderful! Frank Emerson is not only a fine vocalist and guitarist, he's a true entertainer. He played to a full house this evening, and he had the audience from the first song. Frank sang ballads, love songs, original music, and even a chicken protest song. It was a stellar evening, and we want to thank Frank Emerson so much for doing this show tonight. (21 Nov 15)
Mary Sue Scott and Ron Ireland - The Listening Room Facebook Page (Nov 21, 2015)
If you've never spent an evening at Kevin Barry's with Frank Emerson, you don't know what you're missing!

- Nashville musician, producer, song-writer, performer
Michael Snow - Nashville (Jan 18, 2018)
Best Entertainer that comes to town

-Former U.S. Marine Officer and now Bail-bondsman extraordinaire
Bill Reed - Savannah (Jan 18, 2018)
I've spent a night at Kevin's with Frank, also spent nights on Cape Cod, at several venues, with Frank. We've shared several beverages together over the years.......Truly one of the greatest, most eloquent, singers and entertainers that I've ever known. A great man of the spoken word and a true gentleman. I'm proud to call him my friend.

- Former U.S. Army MP, Former trainer of Middleweight Champ Marvin Hagler, Retired Massachusetts State Trooper, Working professional folk singer on Cape Cod
Joe MacDonald - Cape Cod (Jan 19, 2018)
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