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Frank Emerson: Links

The Recovery Village
They volunteered their time and service to our country. They sacrificed their comfort and peace of mind. “They” are the veterans of the United States military. Many men and women retire from the military with memories they wish they didn’t have. For many of them, these plaguing thoughts have the power to wreak havoc on their lives and those of their loved ones. In many cases, veterans turn to drugs and alcohol as a result of various mental disorders associated with these thoughts, especially PTSD. Luckily, there are resources available to help. Are you a veteran struggling with a substance misuse or co-occurring disorder (PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.)? Are you a friend or other loved one of a veteran, and you want to learn more about substance use and PTSD among veterans or the ways you can help them? If so, you’ll find the answers to your questions on this page, including information on rehab centers and VA options.
Copies of my CD's can be listened to and bought here...just like the old time music stores. Oh yes, they have other people's recordings here too.
Pat Garvey
Fine guitarist/button accordion player/singer with a great repertoire.
Kevin Barry's Pub
Great Food, Great atmosphere, Great pub - obviously my favorite since I've been playing there since 1981. Entertainment runs 7 nights a week. Best listening room in the states. Great, patriotic, separate function room on the second floor. Have a look.
Delaney's Pub
Great beer selection in this very successful pub in Five Points, in Columbia, South Carolina as well as in Morgan Square, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Museums in Wytheville, Virginia
This little town is scrofulous with history! Home to five different museums including Civil War, Homestead, Training School.
Irish USA
Listings and websites of Performers, Venues and Festivals throughout America.
Ultimate Irish/Celtic Music Site
Performers, Worldwide venues and festivals, Instruments, Swap shop. Operated by Gale & Frank Ryan and Celtic Clan
WWII Army Ranger Website
The Wrold War II vets here are getting long in the tooth and fewer by the day. These Rangers did indeed lead the way. They are as fine a group of men as you will find. Well worth visiting this site and learning something about them.
Danny Doyle
What can you say about "The Doyler" that hasn't been said. What a voice! What an entertainer! What a hat!
Robbie O'Connell
Robbie is one of the finest songwriters around. An excellent teacher as well as performer nonpariel.
Pete St.John
Pete was Irelan's Songwriter of the Year a few times. He's most famous I guess for "The Rare Ould Times" and "The Fields of Athenry"
Gabriel Donohue
Gabriel plays guitar like nobody's business - and that's not even his first instrument! Fine songwriter and poet as well.
Michael Snow
Michael has been a mainstay on the Nashville scene for many years. Originally from Liverpool. Intelligent songwriter and musician, he is very sought after as a producer.
Brendan Nolan
Dublin born Brendan has a powerful voice and plays open tuned guitar as well as anyone. Great writer as well.
Seamus Kennedy
Seamus is definitely one of a kind. An excellent musician and performer. He could even make Vladimir Putin laugh.
Carroll Brown
Carroll spent years as a house writer in Nashville. He is one fine stupefying guitarist with a vast repertoire. Talented singer/songwriter.
Danny O'Flaherty
There is probably nobody among the musicians in the states who has done more to advance the Gaelic culture than the talented Connemara native Danny O'Flaherty.
Patrick O'Flaherty
Patrick can make the mandolin absolutely sing. He is a talented guitarist and singer as well in Irish and English. Proprietor of The Irish Pub on Washington Street in Lewsiburg, WV.
Betsy McGovern
When you go to heaven and the angels sing for you, you will say, " Not bad, angels, but you're no Betsy McGovern"
Beth Patterson
Beth is billed as cross between a cobra and a puppy. You have to see and listen to her to find out about this.
Joanie Madden - also Cherish the Ladies
Joanie was one of the founders of "Cherish the Ladies" . She's just about the best and sweetest flute player ever.
Martin Marron
From Chicago/Sligo, Martin is now a mainstay in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA area. Great pub entertainer.
Mark Klein
Comedian based in Louisville, KY. Long history of success. Varied shows. Does corporate and group shows as well. Travels all over and loves the ponies.
Eamonn and the Ravens
Eamonn Knuff and The Ravens are based on the westcoast after having spent time in Chicago. Traditional with a twist.
Marianne and Tom Tucker
Based out of Philly, Marianne & Tom present Tucker Tales Puppet Theatre. They are at every kind of engagement you can think of.
Rosie & Pat Maloney
Pat is a masterful storyteller and songwriter. Ably assisted by his wife, Rosie, they can definitely do the trick.
Jimmy Crowley
Jimmy might look a little bit like Leon Trotsky, but he is much nicer and much, much more talented. He is indeed Cork's bard.
Frank Emerson Paraphernalia
Lots of stuff, gifts, t-shirts, caps and the like with the Bob Johnson sketch of me, or Devil Dog Records Logo, or the Slow, Shaky, Deaf, Semi-Old Farts Bn. Insignia on them.
Performers, Venues, Reviews, CD Reviews, Resources. Hosted by Dave Pyles
All about Dick Winters and the Band of Brothers
You can sign the petition to get his DSC upgraded to CMH.
Wild Bill Guarnere - The Band of Brothers
Wild Bill says it all. All about Guarnere and Babe and the rest of the boys from Easy Company
The Dady Brothers
Between them , Joe & John play 8 instuments and are about as talented as they come. Variety of musical styles - from trad to rock.
Band Links
Music Pages - all things musical
musicians referral service
Charlie Zahm
Great performer of Celtic, Maritime and early American Music.
Christina Harrison
Based out of Maryland, Scots-born Christina is a delightful performer of celtic and children's music.
Jed Marum
Jed is a great singer/songwriter/musician based out of Texas.
Det. Al Sheppard, NYPD (ret) Emergency Services Unit/Intelligence Division
Al is a highly decorated New York City Police Detective with a new book coming out in 2006. Has HE got some great stories to tell!
Dennis O'Rourke
Dennis is an extremely talented songwriter and performer and writer! Now living in Georgia, Dennis was a long time resident of Nashville, where he wrote the Randy Travis hit "Honky-tonk Moon".
Noel Cooney
Noel is a fine entertainer from Monaghan.He and his wife Trina own Flanagan's Irish Pub in Dunedin, Florida
D-Day National Memorial
The town of Bedford, VA had the highest per capita killed on D-Day of any town in the Unitied States. For this reason, Bedford was chosen as the site of the National Memorial. The men were 116th Infantry out of the 29th Division.
The Cathie Ryan Band
Talk about some of the sweetest sounds this side of heaven. This must be the place
Andy M. Stewart
Andy has done the most to promote Scotland and Scottish music since Robbie Burns. What a writer and performer!
John Lilly
Extremely talented, multi award winning singer/yodeler/songwriter specializing in Traditional American Roots and Country Music.
Terry Kelly
Multi talented, multiinstrumantal singer/songwriter/speaker. This guy is really something.
Eric Bogle
This is the guy who is resposible for "No Man's Land" "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda", "Leaving Nancy", etc. What a talent.
Formerly Baile Daire, this is a talented traditional group based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Bob Zentz
Singer, writer, multi-instrumentalist based out of Norfolk, VA - Lots of Maritime material
The Irish Pub on Washington Street
Andrea and Patrick O'Flaherty hold sway over picturesque Lewisburg, WV's newest restaurant/pub. Patrick, from Connemara, is a wolrd-class traditional musician
Slim Andrews
Slim, a member of the State of Maine Country Music Hall of Fame, has been performing for over 60 years. Based in Auburn, Maine, he's going strong.
Jim Flanagan
The Irish-speaking Corkman, Jim Flanagan, is a multi-talentented professor in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Free Notes to Service Personnel
Yahoo operates this site. Lets you pick a postcard, personalize it and send it as a gesture of thanks to armed forces personnel overseas.
Celtic Nations Heritage Festival
Held each October in Lake Charles, Louisiana, it's the brainchild of Danny O'Flaherty and features numerous Celtic performers.
There's a Story Told
Profile and numerous writing samples from Frank as a freelance writer.
Tommy Makem, the Makem and Spain Brothers
Site of the legendary Tommy Makem as well as his sons and their group.
Bill Craig
Fine musician & singer, based in Canada. Great Stan Rogers interpreter.
US Festivals and Events
Festivals and events of ALL types throughout the states. Entertainers , vendors are also listed.
Comedians USA
Americas leading source for comedians, humorists and emcees.
Bob Slaughter's book
My pal and collaborator Bob Slaughter wrote a terrific book about his WW II experiences: "Omaha Beach and Beyond: The Long March of Bob Slaughter"
Marshalling the Faithful
This is a very good book detailing the Marine Corps' initiation into Vietnam in 1965. Who should be there but my friend, the late and very lamented author of small unit tactics, Col. Paddy Collins. USMC.
Victor O'Reilly
The noted Irish - now permanant US resident - author of the "Hangman" series is back in action as well as wiring and speaking on 21st century military matters. Excellent!
River Street Hotels
Information and data on Hotels not just on River Street in Savannah , but in the general area. Discount rates, etc.
Savannah Georgia Tourism Site
All things Savannah, including all the latest news on the yearly St. Patrick's Day Parade
Margaret Christl
Maggie is a wonderful Scots/Canadian performer. Recipient of the Porcupine Life-time Achievement Award (Canada). Honorary Life Member of the Australian National Folk Music Society.
Long Island Irish Festival
Largest Irish Festival on the East Coast in a terrific, historic setting!
Wild Bill and Babe
Bill Guarnere and Babe Heffron live in So. Philly. They were members of E. Co. 206 PIR, 101st ABN - The Band of Brothers. this is their book: "Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends"
The McKrells
Headed up by Kevin McKrell, the band is multi-talented, playing folk to Irish rock.
Mary Courtney & Morning Star
Very popular Traditional band out of New York. Great blend of vocals and instrumentals.
Stone Cross
Siusan O'Rourke and Zig Zeitler are Stone Cross. They also own The White Crow Conservatory of Music in Saginaw, Michigan
The Emerald Eddie Society
Website in memory of Eddie Ivie, son of Cheri and Vic Power. of Savannah, GA. Eddie passed away on 1 July 2005. The site is the home of eht Eddie Ivie Memorial Scholarship Fund for Irish Studies at Georgia Southern University. The scholarship fosters a year's study in Ireland for students at GSU.
Brendan O'Loughlin
Talented singer/songwriter from Limerick in the U.S. since 1986.
Seldom Sober
Colleen Settle and Michael Corbett are anchors of the Celtic traditional folk music scene in Savannah, GA.
Kristina Train
Wonderful singer and instrumentalist, niece of dear old friends. She now records for Blue Note - Norah Jones' label.
Remembrance: A Memorial
Dedicated to U.S. Servicemen and Women who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as all those who continue to serve.
Cahir O'Doherty
Strong, resonant voice, lilting guitar and good humor
Harry O'Donoghue
Savannah-based Singer/songwriter from Drogheda, Co. Louth
Honor Flight
Non-profit organization that flies veterans to Washington, DC free of charge, to visit their memorials.
George Casey - Comedian
George is an old pal from Co. Clare. A fine, clean comic, he resides and sometimes appears in Branson, MO. Plays all the major cruise lines. A funny man with a deprecating sense of humor and disarming delivery.
Guitar Player World
Get tips and lessons to learning the guitar with videos and tabs.
Maine Country Music Hall of Fame
My pal and Hall of Fame member, Slim Andrews, hosts and narrates this documentary for the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame.
Jim Lloyd
Fabulous banjoist and music historian, who is also no slouch at all on the guitar and fiddle. Can't go wrong with this guy!
Low Country Irish Fest
Started by my pal Carroll Brown in 2017,the Low Country Irish Fest is held yearly in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina (just outside Charleston), usually on the second weekend in February. It features traditional and folk-style Celtic music and arts and is poised to be one of the most popular events in the Carolinas...or in all the Southeast for that matter.