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me sweatty2-(HUGE)

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FRANK EMERSON:There's a Story Told $15.00
FRANK EMERSON:Dear Sarah featuring The Flag of Our Fathers $15.00
EMERSON, BROWN & O'DONOGHUE:A Christmas Postcard $15.00
FRANK EMERSON:Safe in the Harbour$15.00
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I’m out of CDs right now. I'm pretty sure that CD Baby is out of the actual CDs too. However, if you’d like , you can download lots of my stuff through CD Baby. Just type in and then enter “frank emerson" in the search box. You can also download me from Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Rhapsody, Deezer and Amazon. My music page also has downloadable MP3s.

Welcome here to the home page of the website for Frank Emerson - Entertainer, Singer, Folksinger, Irish folksinger, Songwriter, Voiceover Actor, Actor, Freelance Writer and Copywriter. I also do windows. I know that sounds like the I have ADD, but really I'm just practicing diversity - trying to get something right. This site should provide anyone interested with a fair amount of intel about Frank and his activities - which are for the most part legal.

The photo you saw on the splash page was taken a few years back at Kevin Barry's in Savannah, GA. The personnel are (L-R)Rear: Leo Rahill - Philadelphia Police Department, Me, Front: Vic Power - Proprietor of Kevin Barry's, Babe Heffron -506 PIR and Wild Bill Guarnere - 506 PIR from "The Band of Brothers".

In the Calendar Section. you'll find a performance schedule.

There is a Biographical Section with lots of information - intimate, un-intimate, and in between.

In the Music section are some MP3's of some of my songs as well as lyrics and explanations for "The Flag of Our Fathers" and the award-winning "One Nation United" among others.

In the Links section, there are links to venues, fellow musicians, comedians, museums and businesses.

In the Product Section, you'll find out where and how to purchase tapes, compact discs and books in which Frank has performed, authored or had a part in.


There are some full length reviews as well as quotable quotes in the Press/Review section.

The Photo Gallery holds different images of various characters and what not and is always expanding. Send a photo along, if you like and we can try and get it on the page. (JPEG or GIF)

In the News/Journal Section are announcements and updates of activities and the like. Entries are made roughly once a month, so it's sort of a monthly "blog"

So have a ramble through the site. Maybe even enjoy it. Feel free to use any of the contact methods to leave a question for Frank - or maybe even employ him as a singer, entertainer, actor, voiceover actor, writer or to do your windows.

Sign up for the mailing list and have a look at and sign the Guestbook. Leave a comment, if you like.

And now, a shameless plug which is repeated in the Products Section. In 2017 I released a new book:

Frank Tells Tales

Recollections, Explanations and Narratives

from Years Spent Inflicting His Presence

on Innocent, Unsuspecting Audiences

What follows is culled from the Introduction and Acknowledgements from the book:

A few years ago, I got a phone call from Dennis O’Rourke. He’s an entertainer/singer/songwriter and an old pal; from Boston. What the phone call was about was that he wanted me to join him and a few other Irish entertainers in a collaboration to produce an anthology of stories about our experiences through the years, as we performed in Irish and non-Irish venues.

After a couple of false starts, the group of story-tellers gelled as Dennis, Harry O’Donoghue, Robbie O’Connell, Seamus Kennedy and me. In 2007, with Dennis acting as editor and - when necessary - strawboss, the thing was published through Llumina Press as "Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales from the Irish Music Trenches". Don’t it just trip off your tongue? We took the title from one of the pieces I wrote. You’ll find it later on in this book.

Anyway we all flogged the thing at our various gigs. All of that was very gratifying, but eventually the not-all-that-lucrative run came to an end.

It was decided then that come August, 2014, we’d all be released from our contractual obligations regarding the material and that we’d be free to pursue other avenues with our individual stories.

It came to pass that as the result of a surgical procedure on my leg in early 2015, I was forced to slow down a little bit in the area of performing. (Read: no gigs for a good number of months) Going a little batty and feeling like a slug and a mooch, I decided to take my stories, and with some adjustments and additional narrative, release them as a separate collection. That’s how this book came to be…all of which took longer than I thought.

So, now comes the disclaimer. In some cases, the people and places are real. Some of these still exist and some of them are gone. In other cases, I’ve made the decision to alter the proper names of characters and establishments. As the announcer on Dragnet used to proclaim, “Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent”. I’ve taken that one step further. In this case, the names have been changed to also protect the guilty and to protect me from legal action.

I guess that’ll do for now, other than that I wish to express my appreciation to all the people and places, incognito and cognito, for being a part of my performing life. Thanks to Dennis O’Rourke for planting the seed that I was able to help grow into the stories in this book. Thanks to my wife, Frances, for suggesting that I shake a leg on this project and then, as always, supporting it unreservedly and wholeheartedly.

At this point, I’ve got to tell you: I’m still performing – always on the lookout for new material, new gigs and collaborations. You can always find out where I am, listen to some tunes and contact me for bookings and whatnot at my website:

Frank Emerson – 2017

790 E. Spiller Street

Wytheville, Virginia


I hawk the book at gigs for $10 even money. I can send it to you by mail upon receipt of $11.50, which covers the book and postal costs. It's soft cover, 8.5 X 11, 66 pages, 19 stories plus the Intro and Acknowledgements and an afterword dealing with the aspect of "What Ever Became of"... the characters and places mentioned in the work.

Further examples of my writing can be seen at

Thanks for stopping by. As they say here in the South,so I've learned, "Come see us!"

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All the best for now.

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